Tough Skin

Friday brought very balmy, warm weather, the likes of which Oklahoma had not seen in a few weeks. While folks up north were experiencing the “Siberian Express” hurtling down the plains and bringing bitter, below freezing temperatures along with it, I was enjoying the last hours of our unseasonably warm conditions. I intended to make the … More Tough Skin

Pink Rain

This time of year, I am generally in the middle of dinner preparation about the time the brilliant sunsets take place. Lately, cloud cover or moisture in the air has produced some spectacular skyscapes. Being surrounded by woodlands to the north and west, and residential areas to the south and east, it is difficult to … More Pink Rain

Winter Shimmer

For the third time today, I donned my heavy coat, muck boots and ear-flap cap. This trip would be to fetch the mail, but earlier I had been out to photograph the glaze of ice that coated the landscape. How can one stay indoors when the outdoors presents such a magical, shimmering wonderland? The first … More Winter Shimmer

Living In Tornado Alley

For the past two days, local news crews have diligently covered the aftermath of the EF-4/EF-5 tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma on May 20, 2013.  Native Oklahoman’s watch with empathy, knowing well the impact of volatile weather.  People from across the nation and the entire world watch coverage in the days to follow, in disbelief.  For … More Living In Tornado Alley