Without a Trace

Here on our little ranch, the summer provided a predictable rhythm of deer movement. With three little fawns hidden in various areas of the property and the orchard beyond, it was common to see the mama does coming and going. They were either nursing their young, munching on browse and deer feed, or patrolling for … More Without a Trace

Amazing Gracie

Early this morning, as I sat at my desktop computer sipping coffee and attempting to catch up on paying bills and looking at email, I spotted motion outside the window in front of me. It was little fawn Ellie running in the lead, with mama Ruthie deer closely trotting behind, and followed by Gracie deer … More Amazing Gracie


The day after fawns Ellie and Jojo were born, we realized that Jojo had problems with her legs and that likely, in the wild, would have left her as predator bait. A fawn should be able to stand and nurse within about 30 minutes of birth, and be able to walk and follow it’s mother … More Diligence

Little Legs

Forrest and I were up early the morning after Ruthie gave birth to her twins. Already, Ruthie was walking around the deer pen, grazing on grasses, and nibbling leaves from elm branches I had cut the day before. I got busy putting fresh water in buckets while Forrest tied back two of the gates to … More Little Legs

Born in a Barn

Last Sunday, June 27th, I woke up to Oscar and Lollipop gently scratching the door to our bedroom. It was just after 7:00 a.m. and I could not imagine why the dogs let me sleep an hour later than usual. But, just that one extra hour of sleep had me refreshed and ready for the … More Born in a Barn