Gentle Mourning Dove

Walking along our driveway one morning in Mid-March, I noticed something odd in one of our blooming Forest Pansy redbud trees. As I stepped a little closer, I discovered a female mourning dove sitting on a nest, with purplish-pink blossoms all around her. I wondered how long she had been sitting on the nest before … More Gentle Mourning Dove

Playing ‘Possum

Forrest had to put in a lot of work to keep the wildlife feeders and water tub filled during the recent winter storm. Normally, we hand-carried five-gallon buckets of deer feed down the slope to the feeders, but more than ten inches of snow cover made walking to the bottom much too treacherous. So Forrest … More Playing ‘Possum

Everyone Has a Story…

It is always interesting to collect information and stories about various injured or orphaned wildlife that we take in. The main point in knowing the animal’s background has always been to determine how to proceed with treatment. With that background knowledge, we try mimicking the scenario that the particular species came from, and continue care … More Everyone Has a Story…

Tukkered Out

I have written, more than once, about how the Eeyore in me tends to look first to the down side of everything. For instance, when FD’s mother passed away in March, all I could see around me was a lot of chaos and overwhelming work to do. The house she lived in had not been … More Tukkered Out