Rainy Day Punkin

Yesterday brought a quiet, drizzly morning. The day promised increasing wind and dropping temperatures with a chance of snow, so I took my time getting outside to do deer and chicken chores. The weather radar showed a slight clearing in the next hour so I decided to wait for that opportunity to tend to the … More Rainy Day Punkin

Tukkered Out

I have written, more than once, about how the Eeyore in me tends to look first to the down side of everything. For instance, when FD’s mother passed away in March, all I could see around me was a lot of chaos and overwhelming work to do. The house she lived in had not been … More Tukkered Out

Crash Landing

The kitchen window is often the spot through which I see all sorts of wildlife passing by. Ms. Foxy trots along the neighboring fence line each morning around ten o’clock. The red-tailed hawk perches in the old hackberry tree most mornings, and the little sparrows hang out in the forsythia bush just below the kitchen … More Crash Landing

An Unusual Rescue

It has been a long, dry spell since I was last able to spend an entire morning walking with Daisy deer. Having lost both her fawns by early July, Daisy had been free all summer to run with the local herd of wild deer. Not seeing her around our home much, I suspected she was … More An Unusual Rescue

Saving Sonic

For those of you who do not reside in the United States, Sonic Corporation is the nation’s largest chain of drive-in restaurants. We have a Sonic restaurant located in our city, and FD and I have been known to grab a quick meal there once in a while when busy with an outdoor project and … More Saving Sonic

Chyann’s Story…

Not quite a year ago I got involved with  JCCARE (Japanese Chin Care and Rescue Effort) when a plea came for help in fostering incoming Chin.  Fostering proved to be a learning experience for both FD and me.  We thought we would just be providing a home for these sweet “chindren” until someone chose to … More Chyann’s Story…