A Killing Freeze

In late August, I happened to be in the front flower bed snipping fresh basil for a batch of my roasted tomato sauce, when I noticed a Green Lynx spider perched on a basil plant that had gone to seed. For years, I saw these spiky, green spiders all around the house but never did more than… More A Killing Freeze

Hillard The Vagabond

I met Hillard in May of 1990, just after I moved to Oklahoma. But, until the day the tornado sirens blew and I was told I should seek shelter at the big house across the street on the corner, I did not know my neighbors very well. These neighbors on the corner had a large, dugout storm cellar… More Hillard The Vagabond

Roasted Tomato Sauce

When we moved on this place eight years ago, gardening was a fairly simple undertaking. All I needed was a small, tilled up section of ground, sunshine, and a little rain supplemented with water from our well for irrigation in the dry months of July and August. Spring fertilizer came from seasoned chicken manure from the year before.… More Roasted Tomato Sauce