Foraging For Fawns

The month of September has been a time of transition for our orphaned fawns, Emma and Ronnie. Normally, fawns can be weaned from milk anywhere from three months of age to five or even six months. In the wild, most mothers have weaned their young around the three-month mark, but a very tolerant doe will … More Foraging For Fawns

Sunset on a Farm Pond

The evening before we would head back to Wichita, Kansas to return our nephew Sid to his family, I decided to take my camera along on our last fishing trip to a friend’s farm pond. My intent was to try to capture photos of cattle egrets that congregated on the branches of dead trees in the pond. Each evening that … More Sunset on a Farm Pond

Fishing Nomads

In early August, our nephew Sid asked if he could come visit for a week before he had to return to school. My sister Juli called the night before to be sure of the meeting location on the north side of Wichita, Kansas – the halfway point for both our parties to meet.  Juli would … More Fishing Nomads