It’s In Their Nature

One of the  most disheartening aspects of wildlife rehabilitation is  answering a call from a pet owner who admits their dog wounded or mauled a small mammal, or someone whose cat nabbed a bird and injured it. I do not have the skills nor tools to treat wildlife wounded badly and exposed to possible infection, so I typically refer… More It’s In Their Nature

On Schedule

By the looks of Daisy deer’s udder on the afternoon of June 1st, I suspected she would give birth sometime that night or perhaps the next morning. Sure enough, Daisy promptly disappeared for nearly a week before we saw her again down at the feeders, looking slender and quite svelte with her beautiful, glossy red coat… More On Schedule

Feeling Your Oats

In the mornings after FD and I feed Emma and Ronnie, we often observe the two of them liven things up a bit before we have to go on with our day. With a little breakfast in their bellies, they become great warriors of the woodlands. They run faster than I can imagine, leaping high and broad,… More Feeling Your Oats