The Language of Litter

In the early years we lived on this place, the “Lori measuring stick” ruled as I made my weekly rounds in the electric buggy, picking up neighborhood trash on our ten acres. I ranted and grumbled about the carelessness of our neighbor’s lack of trash disposal. I had expectations about how people should respectfully keep up … More The Language of Litter

A Sticky Situation

When we purchased the pecan orchard last August, FD and I were both aware the property had a thistle problem along its south and west boundaries. For much of the autumn and winter months, when the thistle plants were in the rosette stage, FD would pry the dinner plate sized plants up with a shovel … More A Sticky Situation

Treading Lightly

Not feeling up to par last Monday morning, I decided to grab my camera and take the electric buggy for a leisurely drive around the pecan orchard property. I had been on the computer doing research all morning and needed to clear my mind. Unfortunately, I had to accept that I would not get much … More Treading Lightly

Squirreling Away

Early yesterday morning while I was enjoying a cup of coffee on the back porch, I noticed some odd movement down in the canyon near the dry creek bed. Fetching my binoculars I observed a fox squirrel rolling around, flipping, jumping straight up, and then back to rolling in the red dirt. I wondered if … More Squirreling Away

Tough Skin

Friday brought very balmy, warm weather, the likes of which Oklahoma had not seen in a few weeks. While folks up north were experiencing the “Siberian Express” hurtling down the plains and bringing bitter, below freezing temperatures along with it, I was enjoying the last hours of our unseasonably warm conditions. I intended to make the … More Tough Skin

Protective Fences

I admit I felt much better after we completed the installation of mesh tarps all around the inside of the welded-wire fencing of the deer pen. This not only provides a more visual barrier, it also provided a protective blanket of sorts that would hopefully keep Emma and Ronnie from harming themselves if they hit the … More Protective Fences

A Passion for Pecans

Until recently, I did not fully realize just how connected I have been with pecans over the course of my lifetime.  My first memory of pecans came when I was a young girl, slowly nibbling my Grandma Knuth’s (Kuh NOOTH) pecan sticky rolls in order to savor their gooey wonderfulness for as long as I could. She did not make them often because she … More A Passion for Pecans