Neighborhood Burglar

After two consecutive weeks of entertaining family visitors to Ten-Acre Ranch, FD and I decided it was time to get serious about catching up with projects around the property. Mowing both the yard and pasture were top on the list. So last Sunday, I got on the zero-turn mower to start cutting grass while FD finished up … More Neighborhood Burglar

Leonard The Bull Calf

While our niece Emily and nephew Sid were here for a week-long visit over winter vacation, we managed a lot of time outdoors. A recent ice storm and subsequent snowfall in Oklahoma provided excellent conditions for some Hillbilly skiing and sledding, and for finding clues in the fresh snow, such as animal tracks and scat, of recent visitors to our own woodlands. One … More Leonard The Bull Calf

Rainy Day Visitors

I awoke to rumbles of thunder early this morning. My first thought was of a rug I had left outdoors on the back porch railing to dry in the sun the day before.  I dashed outside quickly, thinking I might manage to save the rug from getting soaked, but it was already too late. The dripping rug, … More Rainy Day Visitors

Nature’s Gym

Last fall, it became apparent that FD and I would have to deal with a dead walnut tree between the old barn and our metal storage building. Not only could strong winds and ice bring limbs down on either building, they could also fall and injure any critter that might have to occupy “Daisy’s pen” … More Nature’s Gym