Treading Lightly

Not feeling up to par last Monday morning, I decided to grab my camera and take the electric buggy for a leisurely drive around the pecan orchard property. I had been on the computer doing research all morning and needed to clear my mind. Unfortunately, I had to accept that I would not get much … More Treading Lightly

An Unusual Rescue

It has been a long, dry spell since I was last able to spend an entire morning walking with Daisy deer. Having lost both her fawns by early July, Daisy had been free all summer to run with the local herd of wild deer. Not seeing her around our home much, I suspected she was … More An Unusual Rescue

Hillard The Vagabond

I met Hillard in May of 1990, just after I moved to Oklahoma. But, until the day the tornado sirens blew and I was told I should seek shelter at the big house across the street on the corner, I did not know my neighbors very well. These neighbors on the corner had a large, dugout storm cellar … More Hillard The Vagabond