Whisper of the Wind

As I wandered the prairie grassland surrounding our friend Brad’s ranch, I felt at home walking through the tall grasses, and exploring the area beyond the house. The area reminded me of my many treks to the river near our home. The daytime temperatures had been cool and bearable recently, but strong, gusty winds kept … More Whisper of the Wind

Burning Therapy

During the winter months, I generally spend a lot of time gathering downed timber in the woodlands, cleaning up debris from storms, and opening paths along fence lines. This year, when I thought about the newly-purchased pecan orchard property, which needed a lot of cleanup, the idea of my winter work became a bit overwhelming. Back in … More Burning Therapy

Tough Skin

Friday brought very balmy, warm weather, the likes of which Oklahoma had not seen in a few weeks. While folks up north were experiencing the “Siberian Express” hurtling down the plains and bringing bitter, below freezing temperatures along with it, I was enjoying the last hours of our unseasonably warm conditions. I intended to make the … More Tough Skin

Wondering and Wandering

Early last week, the Oklahoma weather warmed up to temperatures in the 70’s and 80’s, which is almost unheard of for January. Having such nice weather, I enjoyed time outdoors, working in the woods, burning fallen limbs and doing some tree trimming and general cleanup along the pathways in our woods. The weekend before, FD had run the … More Wondering and Wandering

Chicken Dinner

I must admit that it ruffled my feathers just a bit when I discovered, back in early December, that my mother-in-law had accepted another rooster from a lady down the road from us. I have disagreed with my mother-in-law for years regarding her idea that eggs need to be fertilized in order to provide the healthiest eggs for eating.  On … More Chicken Dinner