A One-Eyed Squirrel

It had been a long spell since we had seen our squirrel kids, Punkin and Buddy, come to the back porch. I sometimes saw Buddy down at the deer feeders with lots of other male squirrels in the early mornings and occasionally caught sight of him at the wildlife water tub getting a drink in … More A One-Eyed Squirrel

A Trip Worth Making

Late one rainy afternoon in early September, I was putting dinner in the oven and thinking about how productive my day had been. I had managed to do some house cleaning, ironing, and a good bit of cooking and baking, and was finishing up a few dishes at the sink when something caught my attention … More A Trip Worth Making

Rainy Day Visitors

I awoke to rumbles of thunder early this morning. My first thought was of a rug I had left outdoors on the back porch railing to dry in the sun the day before.  I dashed outside quickly, thinking I might manage to save the rug from getting soaked, but it was already too late. The dripping rug, … More Rainy Day Visitors

Grooming Is The Way To Romance…

Always, I am fascinated by what I learn in wildlife rehabilitation. During the time when the little orphans we raise require constant care, however, it is easy to overlook gradual changes in appearance or behavior, and even the development of individual personality, because we tend to them and observe them so many times each day. Then suddenly, we realize that what … More Grooming Is The Way To Romance…