A Trip Worth Making

Late one rainy afternoon in early September, I was putting dinner in the oven and thinking about how productive my day had been. I had managed to do some house cleaning, ironing, and a good bit of cooking and baking, and was finishing up a few dishes at the sink when something caught my attention … More A Trip Worth Making

Hear Me Roar!

Weekends are usually the same as every other day for me, except that I am not on FD’s work schedule, meaning I do not get up quite as early to prepare breakfast and open up the storage building where our vehicles are stored, and unlock the front gate before he heads to work. This morning … More Hear Me Roar!

Farewell Old Fox

It is not uncommon for us to see a fox trotting along in our woodlands. In this region of Oklahoma we see both the small gray fox and the larger red fox. Most of the time they are just traveling through the area while looking for a food source, then move on when they have depleted what is … More Farewell Old Fox