New Digs Outdoors

Adding Ronnie deer to our household last week, caused us to change up our entire daily routine. Normally, FD and I got up at 6:00 each morning. While FD showered and dressed for work, I took care of our aging dogs – letting them outside to do their bathroom business, cooking breakfast for them, doling out their … More New Digs Outdoors

Nature’s Gym

Last fall, it became apparent that FD and I would have to deal with a dead walnut tree between the old barn and our metal storage building. Not only could strong winds and ice bring limbs down on either building, they could also fall and injure any critter that might have to occupy “Daisy’s pen” … More Nature’s Gym

Mutual Grooming

I have become a bit spoiled this summer, by seeing Daisy deer and her fawn, Spirit, just about every day. Often, before daylight each morning, I will catch two pairs of green eyes reflecting in the flashlight beam as I scan the grounds before letting the dogs out to do their morning business. Our girls … More Mutual Grooming