Fawn Season

After taking the previous week off to spend time with Emily and Sidney, a niece and nephew from Nebraska, FD and I had a lot of mowing to do yesterday. Just before Em & Sid arrived, the drive shaft on the brush hog mower broke, so mowing in the orchard came to a stop. The pasture on … More Fawn Season

Love is in the Air

I did not know what to think yesterday morning when I walked out to the front gate to unlock it and found Ronnie deer by himself on the north side of our house. Since it was still dark out, I scanned the property with my flashlight, but found no sign of his sister. While Emma … More Love is in the Air

The Lure Of Water

I knew it would only be a matter of time before Emma and Ronnie deer ventured off to the old river channel. It was a place Daisy often explored, jumping the fence to find more of the local herd in the milo field across the way, and the main river channel beyond that. Besides the … More The Lure Of Water

Building Stamina

I tried not to worry when daylight arrived Monday morning and Emma and Ronnie were nowhere to be found. FD and I both called out into the woodlands, hoping they would hear us and come running. After checking all of the usual spots we found them in this last weekend, we gave up. FD went on to … More Building Stamina

On Schedule

By the looks of Daisy deer’s udder on the afternoon of June 1st, I suspected she would give birth sometime that night or perhaps the next morning. Sure enough, Daisy promptly disappeared for nearly a week before we saw her again down at the feeders, looking slender and quite svelte with her beautiful, glossy red coat … More On Schedule

An Empty Nest

Each spring I wonder about the logic behind cardinal birds building nests in the low shrubs and dwarf trees growing in and around our yard. Many times, the nests are robbed of eggs by snakes or squirrels, and sometimes even the hatchlings are preyed upon before their eyes open or feathers emerge. And far too often, I … More An Empty Nest

Born In A Storm

Wednesday evening found me in a rush to clean up dinner dishes so that I could run over to our neighbor’s backyard to check on Daisy. When I observed her earlier that morning, her udder appeared to be slightly larger than it had been over the past several days. I also noticed her resting a good bit the day prior, so I had … More Born In A Storm

A Butterfly In Winter

Old man winter blew through the south amazingly early this year. In fact, we had to batten down the hatches a couple of weeks ago in order to battle the blustery winds and frigid below-freezing temperatures that arrived nearly two months earlier than normal. Back in September and October, FD and I were actually predicting an early arrival of winter’s harsh … More A Butterfly In Winter