Burning Therapy

During the winter months, I generally spend a lot of time gathering downed timber in the woodlands, cleaning up debris from storms, and opening paths along fence lines. This year, when I thought about the newly-purchased pecan orchard property, which needed a lot of cleanup, the idea of my winter work became a bit overwhelming. Back in … More Burning Therapy

Tough Skin

Friday brought very balmy, warm weather, the likes of which Oklahoma had not seen in a few weeks. While folks up north were experiencing the “Siberian Express” hurtling down the plains and bringing bitter, below freezing temperatures along with it, I was enjoying the last hours of our unseasonably warm conditions. I intended to make the … More Tough Skin

Fishing Nomads

In early August, our nephew Sid asked if he could come visit for a week before he had to return to school. My sister Juli called the night before to be sure of the meeting location on the north side of Wichita, Kansas – the halfway point for both our parties to meet.  Juli would … More Fishing Nomads

Lost In The Fog

One of the first tasks of the morning is to let our three little Japanese Chin dogs out to do their morning business. With my trusty flashlight, I check the grounds for predators while Bear takes the lead running out into the yard. Next, I take Zoe down the steps and set her in the … More Lost In The Fog

A Girl Of Summer

I graduated from high school when I was still seventeen years of age, and worked part-time at a book bindery in our small town during my senior year. After graduation, it just made sense to continue full-time at the bindery, while keeping my eyes open for a better job in a larger town or even a big city. I had been … More A Girl Of Summer