Keeper of the Orbs

I wondered how many times I had walked right past her before I noticed the spectacular web and her tiny, but colorful, black and yellow abdomen. She was the smallest female garden orb I had ever laid eyes on. There was no telling how many trips I made in a day, up and down the front … More Keeper of the Orbs

An Unusual Rescue

It has been a long, dry spell since I was last able to spend an entire morning walking with Daisy deer. Having lost both her fawns by early July, Daisy had been free all summer to run with the local herd of wild deer. Not seeing her around our home much, I suspected she was … More An Unusual Rescue

A Killing Freeze

In late August, I happened to be in the front flower bed snipping fresh basil for a batch of my roasted tomato sauce, when I noticed a Green Lynx spider perched on a basil plant that had gone to seed. For years, I saw these spiky, green spiders all around the house but never did more than … More A Killing Freeze

Farewell Old Fox

It is not uncommon for us to see a fox trotting along in our woodlands. In this region of Oklahoma we see both the small gray fox and the larger red fox. Most of the time they are just traveling through the area while looking for a food source, then move on when they have depleted what is … More Farewell Old Fox

An Empty Nest

Each spring I wonder about the logic behind cardinal birds building nests in the low shrubs and dwarf trees growing in and around our yard. Many times, the nests are robbed of eggs by snakes or squirrels, and sometimes even the hatchlings are preyed upon before their eyes open or feathers emerge. And far too often, I … More An Empty Nest