Tukkered Out

I have written, more than once, about how the Eeyore in me tends to look first to the down side of everything. For instance, when FD’s mother passed away in March, all I could see around me was a lot of chaos and overwhelming work to do. The house she lived in had not been … More Tukkered Out

A Quiet Time

The early morning cool greeted me as I bumped along in the electric buggy, cruising down the path into the woodlands. Recent rains made for a muddy slide down the sloped pathway, as most of the soil in this area has a lot of clay in it, which really makes for slick travel, especially by … More A Quiet Time

Foraging For Fawns

The month of September has been a time of transition for our orphaned fawns, Emma and Ronnie. Normally, fawns can be weaned from milk anywhere from three months of age to five or even six months. In the wild, most mothers have weaned their young around the three-month mark, but a very tolerant doe will … More Foraging For Fawns

A Passion for Pecans

Until recently, I did not fully realize just how connected I have been with pecans over the course of my lifetime.  My first memory of pecans came when I was a young girl, slowly nibbling my Grandma Knuth’s (Kuh NOOTH) pecan sticky rolls in order to savor their gooey wonderfulness for as long as I could. She did not make them often because she … More A Passion for Pecans

The Collar Connundrum

When orphaned Daisy deer first came to us, we researched whether we should put a blaze orange collar on her or not. It seemed a good idea since it could protect her somewhat when she was finally released to the wild. Hunters would be aware she had been raised by humans – it’s a universal understanding … More The Collar Connundrum

It’s In Their Nature

One of the  most disheartening aspects of wildlife rehabilitation is  answering a call from a pet owner who admits their dog wounded or mauled a small mammal, or someone whose cat nabbed a bird and injured it. I do not have the skills nor tools to treat wildlife wounded badly and exposed to possible infection, so I typically refer … More It’s In Their Nature

On Schedule

By the looks of Daisy deer’s udder on the afternoon of June 1st, I suspected she would give birth sometime that night or perhaps the next morning. Sure enough, Daisy promptly disappeared for nearly a week before we saw her again down at the feeders, looking slender and quite svelte with her beautiful, glossy red coat … More On Schedule

New Digs Outdoors

Adding Ronnie deer to our household last week, caused us to change up our entire daily routine. Normally, FD and I got up at 6:00 each morning. While FD showered and dressed for work, I took care of our aging dogs – letting them outside to do their bathroom business, cooking breakfast for them, doling out their … More New Digs Outdoors

A Beautiful Place

I was busy tidying up the back porch when Daisy arrived early one morning last week. Seeing her, I threw my broom aside and dashed to the feed bins on the porch to put a few scoops of feed and a deer attractant we call “fruity kibbles” in a bucket. Then, I quickly dashed inside to … More A Beautiful Place