A Foiled Attempt

I was ready to head out early the morning following the discovery of an illegal hunter on the property next to ours. I intended to have a closer look at the area that I call “the island”, where I saw the hunter disappear to. This stretch of woodland juts out into a soybean field, creating … More A Foiled Attempt

Hear Me Roar!

Weekends are usually the same as every other day for me, except that I am not on FD’s work schedule, meaning I do not get up quite as early to prepare breakfast and open up the storage building where our vehicles are stored, and unlock the front gate before he heads to work. This morning … More Hear Me Roar!

Time of Healing

Emma and Ronnie healed fairly quickly after they ran themselves into the deer pen fences nearly two weeks ago. Ronnie’s ripped nostril continued to dry, then crack and bled again for a few days. And finally by the weekend, new, pink skin formed and the wound healed over. Somehow, the broken antler nub welded back onto … More Time of Healing