Crash Landing

The kitchen window is often the spot through which I see all sorts of wildlife passing by. Ms. Foxy trots along the neighboring fence line each morning around ten o’clock. The red-tailed hawk perches in the old hackberry tree most mornings, and the little sparrows hang out in the forsythia bush just below the kitchen … More Crash Landing

Parents on the Rocks

Last week, the previous owner of the pecan orchard began moving some of the farm equipment he had left behind after the sale of the land in August last year. Old farming implements, several broken down pickup trucks, a couple of cattle feeders, a couple of stock trailers, a brush hog mower, a broken tiller, a … More Parents on the Rocks

Earth Drummer

Many of you know that I tend to think of a sighting in nature as a “sign” of something. Often, after spotting some new animal, bird or reptilian, I go running to the house and get on the computer to investigate just what the presence of this life form might mean. And, I have also … More Earth Drummer

Stalking Longbeard

During the spring months of March, April and May, I found it quite common to hear distant turkey calls in the pecan orchard. It was mating season after all, and we had spotted several flocks gathered in wheat fields and pastures, or along roadsides. Many times, the Jakes (juvenile males) and Gobblers (adult males) could … More Stalking Longbeard

Shake A Tail Feather

Early morning is my favorite time of day to get out with my camera.  Often, only a gentle morning breeze dances across the pasture, drying the dew from the grasses and plant life. Sometimes I get lucky though, and only stillness surrounds me.  It is during this morning calm when I am able to detect … More Shake A Tail Feather