More Than One…

Back in March, an inner voice kept telling me “More Than One”. Of course I took it that I would be getting more than one orphaned fawn in the upcoming baby season, even though I had vowed to a few people that, with the COVID-19 situation, I would not be taking on any animals since … More More Than One…

An Empty Nest

Each spring I wonder about the logic behind cardinal birds building nests in the low shrubs and dwarf trees growing in and around our yard. Many times, the nests are robbed of eggs by snakes or squirrels, and sometimes even the hatchlings are preyed upon before their eyes open or feathers emerge. And far too often, I … More An Empty Nest

Born In A Storm

Wednesday evening found me in a rush to clean up dinner dishes so that I could run over to our neighbor’s backyard to check on Daisy. When I observed her earlier that morning, her udder appeared to be slightly larger than it had been over the past several days. I also noticed her resting a good bit the day prior, so I had … More Born In A Storm

Natural Beauty That Will Never Be Miss America or Miss USA

I hate to harp on this subject again, but with the upcoming Miss USA pageant advertisements on TV, I feel disgusted by the superficial hype of what Americans consider real beauty. The irritation of it all feels like a sliver of wood jammed under my skin. Who are these people who equate beauty with a drop-dead gorgeous body, … More Natural Beauty That Will Never Be Miss America or Miss USA