The Damnable Burs…

In the blissful quiet of yesterday evening, I strolled around the house with the camera, hoping to capture images of the pretty Ashy Sunflower.  I find most of them along fence lines and on the canyon rim.  Evening sun allows for excellent back-lighting opportunities, so the natural sunlight was perfect.  The day had been warm, … More The Damnable Burs…

Taters and Onions

The last week or so, I had not paid much attention to the garden .  For the most part, it got the necessities and nothing extra.  I weeded a little and put the water on.  I cut some broccoli and dug up the plants that were spent or riddled with bugs.  The chickens just love … More Taters and Onions

Bathtub Gardening

My husband used to keep horses on this place years ago.  He trained horses as a hobby. There was a small horse shelter , a corral, and several posts to tie horses to.  The tack, feed and hay were kept in a separate area of the chicken barn.  And, because FD was a plumber, he … More Bathtub Gardening

A Day in the Dirt

One of the reasons I “retired” from working outside of our home was to get dirty.  That’s right.  On any slightly warm day you will find me digging, planting, weeding, watering, and moving earth.  Yesterday was a banner “dirt” day. It was still too muddy to work in my own garden.  I’d planted potatoes and onions … More A Day in the Dirt