More Than One…

Back in March, an inner voice kept telling me “More Than One”. Of course I took it that I would be getting more than one orphaned fawn in the upcoming baby season, even though I had vowed to a few people that, with the COVID-19 situation, I would not be taking on any animals since we wished to keep our exposure to a minimum. Besides, Tukker deer was still hanging around, and did not seem in any particular hurry to join the local herd. Instead, he was quite content to hang out with his human family, and we enjoy having him nearby where we know he is safe and sound.

Then in April, expenses and repairs started cropping up. The trouble began with a leak in the main water line at the rock house. No sooner was that repair made, and the upstairs toilet cracked and was leaking. At least this time, Forrest only had to shut the water off to the toilet and drain the tank and bowl. Fortunately, we had no guests scheduled during that time, because that project would just have to wait. We were not yet prepared to start that kind of replacement or remodel at the rock house.

If the problems at the rock house weren’t enough, my washing machine decided to have a stroke and die the following week when the power came back on after a scheduled power outage by our city administration. So, we ordered a new washer from the local appliance center, and it was delivered to the front door by men with gloves and masks. Before COVID-19, the appliance center folks would have removed the old washer and installed the new one for us but, instead, Forrest and I had to wrangle it in the house and perform the removal and installation ourselves. Fortunately, Forrest was a plumber in another life so, while inconvenient, the task was nothing he couldn’t handle.

Two weeks later, Forrest mentioned our secondary refrigerator was running non-stop. That refrigerator had been repaired a couple of times before. It sits near the back door and is our beverage center when we entertain, plus the freezer space houses homemade bone broth, frozen garden vegetables and fruits, and pints of my roasted tomato sauce. We decided it was probably time for a new refrigerator, so I called the appliance center to make yet another deal over the phone. I can’t ever remember making a purchase like that without looking at the model in person but, given the pandemic situation, I did all my research and “trying it on for size” via the Internet. Fortunately, with this delivery, the masked men moved in and hooked up the new unit for us. Prior to that delivery, Forrest and I hauled the old model over to the rock house, thinking it would be a good fridge for guest use from time to time. Guess what? It’s been running like a top and shutting off properly since we moved it.

With all the above having rained down on us almost at once,  I was beginning to think the “more than one” message I received must surely mean replacements and repairs. The only thing I was unsure of at this point was just how many appliance failures were yet to occur, and it didn’t take long to find out just how many “more than one” actually meant.

I had been cursing my microwave for a few years. It worked fine, but the exterior shell continually cracked and the pieces that fell off were held back in place by clear shipping tape. My range had been a hassle for several years as well – the oven heated twenty degrees too hot, the rear right corner was always hotter than the rest of the oven so baked goods had to be turned from time to time, and one main burner no longer worked properly.  So one morning, after pulling yet another partially overdone sheet of cookies from the oven, I decided it was time to replace both of those appliances too. And the range would be another replacement where the old appliance would work fine at the rock house.

Having made up my mind, I began research on what kind of range I would order over the phone and have delivered in the same manner as the other appliances. This time when the new range and microwave arrived, the masked man in gloves was back to providing front door service only. So, once again, Forrest and I wrestled the heavy boxes in the house and installed the units by ourselves. After all this, I can promise you that COVID-19 and social distancing weren’t making any points with me – installing the microwave above the stove was an experience I hope not to have to assist with again!

COVID-19 kept delivery guys from performing the installation, so Forrest got stuck with the work. I helped with the chore of mounting the overhead microwave. Let me tell you, it was a job I hope we never have to do again!
My first choice in a new range would have cost 6K. So I settled on a less expensive true convection. I’ve been in love with its performance!

Meanwhile, in the midst of all the appliance mayhem, I received numerous calls about injured and orphaned wildlife. In the “orphaned” baby department, I declined to take in a baby badger (we have enough gophers without adding the kind of holes badgers dig), several baby raccoons (they like to kill chickens), a few young cottontails, and lots of newborn opossums. In the injured animal arena, there were a couple songbirds, a dove, and a young coyote. Instead of taking these animals on myself, I referred every one of them to Wildcare of Oklahoma, a large rehabilitation facility about an hour from here. But then on May 31st, I once again heard that inner message of “more than one” when I answered a call from an unknown number. A fawn had been observed wandering along a busy road and crying out a lot. Five days later, I got a call about a fawn that had nearly been run over by machinery where land was being cleared.

With these two babies now in our care, I was relieved to know my inner voice had been spot on all along. But still, something nagged at me and the number three kept swimming around in my brain. I felt strong about it, but the old Eeyore in me said, “You think too much. It’s all in your head. You are just dreaming things up”. Then Monday, I got the call about a third fawn. After that, I heard no more nagging or second guessing from Eeyore. Instead, I felt a bit thrilled and confident. Eeyore had tucked tail and slogged off somewhere, and I had listened and held confidence in my inner self.

Three fawns is a challenge, and yet Forrest and I couldn’t be more thrilled with our busy lives. “More Than One” seems to agree with us!

We drove to Clinton Oklahoma to fetch Scout. It was a beautiful Sunday to go for a drive and pick up this sweet girl.
Gracie adores Forrest. She will acknowledge me, but refuses to allow me to feed her. Forrest is enjoying his role as a mama daddy!
Gracie and Scout found comfort in the same room. Gracie likes corners and Scout prefers to to hide behind or under furniture.
Ruthie is the newest addition to the herd. She is in a room by herself at the time. She’s the tiniest of the three and she’s had a rough hill to climb. Hopefully, in a week or two she can join her sisters out in the deer pen!

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29 thoughts on “More Than One…

    1. It is often difficult to photograph tiny fawns, especially in the house. They’re so secretive and shy. Thankfully, the iPhone makes it easier for me to catch a photo on the fly.

      I’ve learned to listen for messages. It’s taken years for me to slow down and be more mindful of my inner voice.

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  1. 😱😱😱 Wow! THREE is definitely more than one, Lori. How I would love to live nearby so I could help you. They are all darling. I don’t think I’ve ever had a spate of appliances dying all at once like you’ve had. We’ve had three in one year before and that was quite enough. Your new range and Microwave look beautiful. I would love to have an American size oven but they cost a fortune here. We have the smaller European sizes and I guess I’ve finally gotten used to it. I can’t wait to hear about the adventures of Gracie, Scout and Ruthie and mama daddy Forrest. xxx

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    1. Ha ha! I thought of you when I was writing this! The fawns are sweet darlings. They are a lot of fun to watch –
      such varied personalities. Ruthie has had a rough time of it. She will require a lot of trust-building and gentle care. Mama daddy Forrest is just the person to help her. His work with horses in the past, will be beneficial in helping Ruthie. He’s already bonded well with Gracie. Scout reminds me of myself. I won’t get into her problems here, and tell on myself just yet.

      I had no idea about “American and European ” size appliances. Forrest’s mother had a small apartment-sized unit from the 1960’s that still works but the burner grates are all broken, and it’s an old pilot type unit. It isn’t safe to have children around it, nor are any of the gas heat stoves in the house. All of those will have to be replaced too. My new range and microwave are GE’s “Cafe” professional line. I truly hoped for a Blue Star range, but at 6K for the basic model, I just couldn’t part with that kind of money. I am very happy with the true convection feature. It makes baking a real dream! I shouldn’t have put up with my old range as long as I did!

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  2. What a story! Replacing appliances is not a fun thing in normal times. You were victorious with those things, and then came the deer! I’m looking forward to lots of posts with your new family.

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    1. Yes, but only a few times. Most of the time I get predictive visions or feelings in dreams. I sure wish I would get a series of numbers that jived with winning the lottery! In that case I have a plan for tall fencing around the entire 61 acres, a complete restoration of native plants (lots of wildflowers!) here and in the orchard, a wetlands restoration in the slough area, and plenty of funding to help fawns in need.

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  3. OH, my. Adventures must have missed you as so many ended up at your door. Big appliance moving and installation is similar to yoga classes with all the bending and poses. Glad that’s done – and so beautiful. (Sounds like those old appliances were tired of lockdown too and found a way for a vacay to a new location. That works well!)
    Who could turn away those little babies. Those tiny hooves and faces. They are almost too beautiful to be real. Can just imagine the wildly wiggling tails. Cheers for three.No need to go out to find something positive to do or see.
    Hugs and bless you.


    1. Life in a pandemic has rolled along normally here, except maybe if we need to run to the store. We’re eating off the garden and most everything else can be ordered online. Right now, Gracie and Scout are in the deer pen and old barn, and Ruthie is still indoors. We are working on how we will feed and potty everyone once they’re all together in the barnyard… this is where octopus arms could be a real bonus!

      Wiggling tails and mewing… little licks and smacking dirt lips (yes, fawns LOVE eating dirt!), who wouldn’t be in LOVE??

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  4. WHEW! That’s a lot to take in. Having to do the repairs and replacements and adopting three fawns… Good thing you had the funds for the new appliances. You are definitely blessed. Take care and thanks for sharing.


    1. Yes, I suppose we are blessed, but I also do a lot of belt-tightening and saving so that we’re prepared in case of something like this appliance breakdown… and even COVID. We live frugally, and I do what I can (like you) to raise a garden to help supplement our food. We don’t travel or spend money on entertainment. So, it’s possible to have a little savings for emergencies.

      The fawns cost a lot to raise too. Formula alone for three fawns will run close to 1K. But again, what we do is our entertainment. We don’t live like most people… and we find that giving back to nature gives us way more in entertainment and enjoyment than any vacation or outing. Life is good!!

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  5. I’m just wondering – and guessing – but I’d be interested to hear how quick Tukker decamps, now you have someone other than him to love, worry about, etc., He might have just been hanging around to keep ya company until you had something else to focus all that time, love and care on – yes – I have ‘stories’ about the brilliance of our four-legged companions, too – LOl


    1. I find it highly interesting you should mention Tukker. At first he didn’t know what to think about Scout and Gracie. He stared at them from the other side of the fence, and jumped back at one point, as I’ve seen him do as he discovered Ms. Foxy, armadillos and opossums. He moved all around the pen that morning, looking, leaving scat and peeing about a foot from the outer fencing. Gracie and Scout noticed him but didn’t seem too interested. Most mornings I find Tukker looking through the mesh, and he continues to “mark his territory”. Daisy, our first orphaned deer from 2011, did the same thing when we moved fawns in there back in 2016. She had used that pen for her babies for years, so when it was off limits with our new orphans, she didn’t seem any too pleased.

      If anything, Tukker has been hanging around even more. It will be interesting to see how things progress as the girls grow. It’s just part of the adventure of it all!

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  6. Hmmm…Well, you could say this. 🙂

    We had a year like that…well, without the Covid troubles. The only appliance that didn’t fail among ours, refrigerator, oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and washer, was the dryer…and that’s because we dry our clothes outside in the summer and in the basement with the woodstove in the winter. It only gets used to soften the towels after hanging outside. Amazingly, it was the first appliance we bought, along with a washer, when we initially set up housekeeping in 1983 and it still works. I think the secret to long life in appliances is lack of use. 🙂

    I can see how you couldn’t say no to the babies that needed rescuing. Deer are always sweet and cute even after becoming adults. They always look innocent and harmless and are for the most part. I can’t imagine living with a badger…especially an angry one.

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    1. Oh my goodness!!! That movie clip was awesome!! And it happens to be true. The same thing happened when I planned on just transporting Tukker to Wildcare. He began “mewing” in the back of the cab and I turned the truck around and headed home with him. I’m a sucker for fawns. And it’s a good thing. I’m always happy when I’m a deer mama.

      I have a clothes line that I use except for Forrest’s dress clothes. My dryer is still in good shape, for the same reason probably, that yours is. I’m still raving about that new range. As much baking as I do, I shouldn’t have put up with all of the problems the old one was giving me for so many years.

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      1. I haven’t the slightest idea about using convection, but Mary Beth loves it so that’s what counts. She does the majority of the cooking but I do a little on the stove top. It’s glass, cleans easy, and looks great.

        Mary Beth hates using electricity if we don’t have to. She’s the one who pays that particular bill so that’s all that counts with that too. 🙂 I felt the same way about all the cooking that she does. She deserved a good reliable stove top and oven. Our microwave, mounted above as is yours, is many years old but continues to work. I installed that too, although I had to rip open the livingroom wall so an electrician could run the line for the unit above the stove on the house’s mid-wall. Then I built a shelf unit on the kitchen wall so it could hang below by some bolts. Likely just how yours is done. That was a while back and I am not sure I could do a repeat at this point. I don’t remember for sure, but probably built a box for it to sit upon while bolting it in place.

        Sounds like you found your calling, Deer Mama. 🙂

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        1. Uh, I think you had a much tougher job mounting your microwave, since you did it alone. Forrest and I are funny working together with projects. He’s the brains and I’m the complainer about how heavy or awkward or ridiculous something is. I used to be tough and strong when I was younger. I’m feeling my age now. But I have to say I was a bit proud of us when we finished.

          But that professional “look” in the kitchen has changed with these three does running around. Our home might be a bit redneck, but it’s clean and functional. I’ll have to post about the new, temporary flooring. Not everyone would be ok with it. Ha ha!


          1. I imagine with 3 doe fawns running around there’s a bit of “rarefied” air in the place related to that temporary flooring.
            Well, I did that about 15 years ago when I was a bit younger and stronger too. You can bet the replacement will not be installed by me. You should be proud. It does look professional.


  7. Wow. I’m so glad you ended up with new appliances you’re happy with, and 3 new fawns. It’s a bit like that sometimes with appliances… before we lived here full time we had to replace an old electric stove that even part time I put up with for too long but I’m also not that happy with its gas replacement, similar issues as yours – uneven heat in the oven. It will probably last forever!
    Your fawns look right at home. Those messages from the Universe know how to get what they need to happen.


    1. I agree on the Universe giving us just what we need – and the fawns too. We try to be open to whatever comes our way… I believe we get everything we’re supposed to in this life.

      I’m with you on your gas replacement stove too… my washing machine isn’t what I hoped it would be. It’s so disappointing to pay that kind of money and be disappointed. I was told by the appliance fellas, who also repair the machines, that they don’t know of one brand of HE machine that cleans clothes like the prior to HE washers did. I did some research and most of the time it’s recommended to use the “deep fill” to make sure clothes get clean. Doesn’t that defeat the High Efficiency?? Using more water?? Ridiculous!


  8. Wow- just wow. I have always heard and noted that “things” go in threes. It’s happened to me too many times. Why this is so, is baffling. I must that you and FD had your work cut it for you which required a good bit of muscle power to move those heavy appliance into place. I love your microwave and range. They are some lovely pieces of furnishings.

    Three fawns at once seems dauting but with yall’s expertise it is likely quite enjoyable to raise three at once.

    I always enjoy reading your posts. They are entertainment for me and also informative. Lori, stay safe and well.


    1. I’m in love with my range! It was a good choice, but not sure it was worth the weeks I spent thinking about making the right choice.

      It’s been a challenge with three fawns, but one we are enjoying and we’re learning even more about deer. Tukker has been interesting to watch with the addition of these three. In the evenings in the shade, he places himself in front of the main gate we use to enter the deer pen. We don’t know if he waits for us knowing we’ll be going in there, or if he’s looking for the company of the fawns.

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      1. Hmm, that is very interesting behavior for Tukker. Wonder if he would try to harm them if he were to meet them face to face now. My guess is that some of it is curiosity and the rest is that he likes the company of the little ones but that is mere conjecture.


  9. Over the years you have oft said “no more” and yet you do; again and again. It is in your blood, Lori. I think it must be hard work to be sure, but the rewards are certainly tenfold. ❤


    1. You know me well, Lynda! Ha ha! I suppose in a way, it is my firm belief that we are presented with what we are supposed to experience in life. When my inner voice tells me something, I listen. I knew this year early on, that despite thinking I needed a break after raising Tukker, when the message of “more than one” kept coming, that I would be doing it all again. I think raising three deer has been the best experience yet. Raising three is much easier than one or two. And of course, I am still learning about deer… I don’t think we can ever know it all. These sweet fawns are wonderful therapy for me!


  10. “…we are presented with what we are supposed to experience in life. These sweet fawns are wonderful therapy for me!”

    Well, there you have it.


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