Rendezvous With A Blogger Friend

For some time now, I have intended to share about a wonderful experience from earlier this fall. My friend Sandy has expressed, quite eloquently, what I could not find words to say. Thank you Sandy, for this heartfelt and loving post!  ~ Lori

A Mind Divided

Ever since my friend Kathy at Reinventing the Event Horizon wrote about meeting people she’d only known through blogging, I’ve been dreaming about doing the same.  There’s a unique intimacy created through blogging.  One opens the heart, either to share ourselves or to address the beauty discovered in others’ posts.  People touch us with their words, their humor, their choices of images and music.  We see ourselves in them.  We feel heard and recognized.  Through this unique dialogue, we find ourselves falling in love with strangers.

So, I imagined a cross-country trek—east to Lexington, LaSalle and Durham; west to Durango and Eagle, Idaho; and overseas to Evelyn in Scotland, Rachel in England and Vivien in the Netherlands.  And those are only the friends who have shared their places of origin.  There are so many more.

I recently spend a few days traveling to Oklahoma with my family.  The official reason…

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8 thoughts on “Rendezvous With A Blogger Friend

  1. It is true – we may never meet, though we may know each other better than some people in real life! I have met one fellow blogger though; Deborah from Romancing the Bee. Her blog is full of lovely honey based recipies and bee facts. I was interested in some of her own honey, but shipping from the US was quite a lot. When she mentioned she was visiting London on a business trip, 10 mins from where I work, I took a long lunch and we met up. It was wonderful to meet a fellow blogger in real life!


    1. What a great experience! I think if I’m ever near any of my other blogger friends, I will try to meet up if they are willing. This certainly was a wonderful experience to meet Sandy. It was also a bit of an adventure for me, since I’d not been to that area of the state on my own before. Sometimes these unusual journeys we make, turn out to be some of the best moments of our lives!


  2. Wow, this is VERY interesting to me as I would love to meet some of the “friends” I have met through making comments on blogs. For instance, I also call “littlesundog” a friend; a friend that I met through another blog – “Melissa Not Dusting” if I remember correctly. Lisa (as I call her) was also someone I met through another blog, etc. Hi up there, Lori!

    The above is posted on “A Mind Divided!”


    1. Hey Louis! I think we would all love to meet a few of our blogger friends, but it’s not always so easy to line up. Sandy and I happened to be close enough in distance (while she was visiting family in Oklahoma) that we could manage it. I was willing to drive a little distance to meet her. I’m so happy it worked out for both of us! I hope that every time she comes to visit family, I’ll be available to visit again.


    1. Hmm, that might be doable. You know Memphis is a place FD and I have both wanted to see… and we have often made road trips to various spots in Arkansas for a weekend getaway. I’ll have to see about a sitter for my 3 little house chin. We have a hard time with that… Zoe has anxiety issues and Tori is afraid of people and new situations! LOL My special needs dogs… Bear is the only couch potato who could care less where he is as long as he gets his two snacks per day!


    1. Owl, it was a wonderful experience! I think it is just natural to want to meet people we have developed this wonderful friendship with, via our writings… what is often the most heartfelt part of us!


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