Answering The Call Of The Village People; A Short Story

The past few weeks I have found myself immersed in outdoor activities, enjoying the warm and pleasantly mild November weather. I have been busy preparing for the winter months; harvesting the last of the gardens, putting away tools, trimming back shrubs and mulching plants and trees. I am finally ready for Old Man Winter to come blasting in, like he usually does.

This morning I delighted in reading this short post, written by my “Baby Sister”, known as Groovylove on WordPress. Knowing a good many of my readers are animal lovers and pet owners, I thought I would share this amusing story of how close-knit, small community living certainly boasts knowing one’s neighbors, and how to best diffuse a problematic situation. Here’s to the sometimes wild abandon of our pets… the upset they sometimes cause us (and those “concerned citizens”), and finding clever ways to keep everyone happy. Enjoy! – littlesundog

Groovy Love, Scrubs, & Chimichangas

My darling husband, CF, wears many hats with his job.  Officially, he is the Village Maintenance Supervisor.  Being the only employee on the payroll, with the exception of the Village Clerk, he essentially supervises… himself.  He maintains the town on many levels.  He is the municipal water and sewer operator, he maintains all village-owned property (mowing, weeding, watering), including the baseball and football fields, two parks with playgrounds and restrooms.  He repairs village equipment, streets, water and sewer lines.  In a nutshell, his 40-hour a week job keeps the town clean and running smooth.  He is on-call 24/7, and those calls can range from, “I’ve got sewage in my basement” to “My water pipe broke in the freezing cold, and it’s forming an iceberg under my trailer that’s fixin’ to lift it off it’s foundation” (that really did happen).

Just yesterday, he received a phone call from a “concerned citizen”.  This lady was upset that her…

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22 thoughts on “Answering The Call Of The Village People; A Short Story

  1. That’s a “good guy”. I’ve captured many dogs in our neighborhood too. Luckily they were tagged so I could call the owners and either take them home or they came and got them.

    Last winter, I took the our black pu ppies for a walk in the dark. When I got home they weren’t ready to come in so I left them outside in the fenced in backyard. A few minutes later our doorbell rang. I went to the door to find a stranger on the other side. He said “you have 2 black labs, right?” I said “yes”. He said “they are running through the neighborhood” I must not have gotten the gate closed and they though this was their get away. Thank goodness for good neighbors.

    Have a great Thanksgiving



    1. It’s good to know there are folks out there willing to help with lost and adventurous pets! I too have had to rescue dogs, and look for their owners. We’ve had some very unfortunate incidents with dogs running loose while rehabbing wildlife here, which is not so good. Our orphaned deer Daisy, and injured doe, Holly were both injured terribly after two Malamute’s were left to roam this area of town last Thanksgiving… likely, out-of-towner’s who let their dogs run loose for exercise. It took weeks for both deer to heal from the injuries.


  2. It is good to see your post and yes, I love animals! As of right now have two cats. Be on the lookout for a response from your last private email – Prob not today but soon!


    1. Thanks Louis!! Thanks for sending your last, very nice email. I’ve been either outside or cooped up inside nursing a gimpy lower back. I think I did too much “burn pile” work in the woods last week!!! Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you! Are you enjoying snow right now?? We just got our first cold snap… and boy do I miss the warm, balmy weather we’ve been having. Alas, winter has its beauty too!


  3. Big Sister, thank you SO MUCH for reblogging my post, it has put the biggest smile in my heart today! You have a wonderful following of loyal readers, and I’m touched that you shared my stories with them! Have a most FABulous day, I love you!!


    1. I do have the most wonderful readers in the blogosphere! I think the most intriguing aspect of writing my blog is the connection with people who share a love of life… nature, animals, acts of kindness, a common love of earth, and an appreciation for sharing experiences… especially taking note of the silver lining in everyday activities. Each of us is a gift to another person. You are a most precious gift to me… no generation gaps here. Just love and adoration!

      Reblogging this post was a first for me… and it was easy for this old hag to figure out! I could just envision CF driving down the street with those two hooligan escapee’s, unknowingly being escorted back home! What a clever idea… and I’m not so sure I would have thought of that! Excellent post, Baby Sister! I know my followers will appreciate reading this post!


        1. Hmm, advice for sister relationships? It seems to be more of a “connection” thing, having commonalities and shared experiences… but I also find that a relationship is as much about respect and allowing. Groovylove and I don’t always agree, but we share a deep respect for each other and we love so much that we allow whatever it is the other needs to have the experience they desire. I often see competition and much expectation with siblings, and truly, that limits the experience. Finding the beauty within, the gifts, and discovering the free-spiritedness and passion of each of us, learning to work together as sisters and friends is such an amazing experience. Instead of competing, finding fault, and pointing fingers, it’s refreshing to support, allow and encourage. Giving your daughters those spectacles of love and understanding for each other and their special gifts/needs and encouraging respect and appreciation is perhaps the greatest gift you can give them. I see you as a compassionate and loving Dad, so you have all the tools you need!


          1. Oy – I wish I shared your confidence, Lori! Thank you for that reply. Unless the two of you are complete shams as far as your online presence, it’s easy to see why you’d be such friends. I’ve run into oodles of kind, respectful folks in the blogging world, but have also always thought you were a step above even in that realm.

            You know, my wife and her eldest sister were inseparable as young children, but at some point they became just the opposite. It’s remained unchanged since then. So, she has a perspective that may be of help to our girls. Either way, I’m going to take your advice to heart. The good news is that they seem to be off to a good start!


  4. Sid said “any advice for them?”

    Sid, just keep being the loving, caring father you seem to be and that is my advice to YOU. When I read your postings, I feel the love in your family and that is what life is all about. Love, communication, and respect and I think you have all three.

    Lori, I never had any siblings and it’s so nice to see you and “groovylove” exhibit that love publically. If only that love were the reality for most, we would have a much more peaceful world. Speaking of a peaceful world, I have thought for many years (way before it has become an issue of late) that more women in positions of political power would give us a more peaceful world. Women are much, MUCH better at compromising instead of bickering. Damn that testosterone anyway! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I have some but just wish more men would think with their brains instead of their hormones and knock off the chest-thumping, war-like stuff.

    BTW, it’s nice to meet you through your sister, “groovylove.” I am VERY moved by your sister’s work and now I’m going to go take a look at your blog.

    Peace to all, Louis, the burned-out leftover hippie


    1. Louis, this comment made me SMILE!! 😀 Thank you so much for that! I am so happy when I see the chain of love forming… the links entwined and locked together, where we all band together in love and compassion! It is an exciting time in the world… I think the horrors of many things our people are living, the terrible economic situation, and the dissension and quarreling among a nation or nations, is finally showing us what we’ve become. There is much to be said about reaching out in understanding, compassion and love, rather than lashing out in bitterness, anger and hate. Women do tend to have a nurturing and emotional approach to problem solving and wound care. I think though, mostly, it is about CHOOSING to act in love and kindness, CHOOSING to nurture, encourage and “allow”. Just being a woman doesn’t make me more likely to compromise. I see plenty of women acting like idiots, lashing out and saying ridiculous things! I got tickled when you said, “Damn that testosterone anyway!”, because the same is said about women and those “damned hormones”. It’s a conscious choice to act one way or another. We’re all responsible for our responses to situations. Being right, or making comparisons to be superior… teaching that smartest, fastest, most beautiful, most efficient is society’s way of boasting success. To me, success at something is finding the way to love and helping others seek their own path to love. Everyone is capable… it’s just a matter of choosing something better! Thank you SO much Louis!!! You made my day with your comment!


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