The Man Behind the Scenes… My Editor

My editor is always on the phone… a very busy man!

I felt it appropriate to introduce my editor on this particular weekend.  He does not get much credit for the painstaking work he does, proofreading, rewording, rewriting, and making suggestions to what I jot down for story.  He’s particular and concise [It’s OK honey, you can say it – “He’s anal”].  I am most thankful though, that my editor knows me to the core.  He understands the guts of my writing, the nuts and bolts of the intent and the personal, spiritual importance of my words.  How does one acquire such an accomplished editor you ask?  Well, let me tell you…

He discovered me first – my writing ability that is.  Always an encourager to people around him, he prompted me to start this blog.  He had taken special interest in some of my personal writings, mostly childhood stories and memories of my past.  He also knew my love of photography.  He suggested pairing my love of writing and photography through blogging.

My editor is a cabin builder on weekends this summer!

And so I did.  In the beginning though, I published posts without really looking them over.  You know how it is; you spend hours writing, look the finished product over a time or two, and then realize after you publish to the world that there are errors in the work.  A misspelled word, a fragmented sentence, or missing punctuation.  Sometimes I didn’t realize it until one of my reader’s pointed it out – that was embarrassing!  Usually, it was my Sissy Jo (sister-in-law) who discovered the errors I needed to fix.  I saw this as a sign that I needed an editor, and was lucky enough to find myself one right here at home!

FD plumbing in the water line to our house.

There are some very nice perks to having one’s husband as their editor.  For one, FD was in favor of me choosing to do the work I loved – that being a stay-at-home ranch wife.  So it was that I quit my daytime job and took on this ranch work full-time.  I flourished being productive doing work that I love – tending the garden and yard, grooming flower beds, cooking healthy meals, and taking care of our home.

Not long after I left my day job, I took up fostering dogs for JCCARE, a Japanese Chin rescue group. After adopting one Chin, fostering two, then adopting another (See my post “Introducing the Ranch Hands“), I decided to take up the “fostering” of wildlife and applied for a license to become a wildlife rehabilitator for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.  Life really got interesting with all of the animal activity that followed.   My new “career” also offered plenty of opportunity to blog about life here.  FD was game for it all and never complained.  He didn’t bat an eye about anything I wanted to try.  Always, though, he encouraged me to find time to write.  Outdoor work, housekeeping, laundry and even meals could fall by the wayside if I was writing.  He even bought me my first good camera and several lenses to get started!

FD is a compliance specialist for an electrical generation and transmission cooperative. He takes care of anything here on the place that I can’t (or sometimes just don’t want to) handle.  He is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to building and repairs.  He can plumb, wire, build fence, fix a flat, tinker with an engine, and patch up a wounded horse. This summer, he and a friend have taken on building a cabin in the woods – using an old, washed up, county road bridge for lumber.  He has documented every step of the construction.  I hope he will blog about it someday.   He is also a fine writer and photographer.  Aside from all of the work he does at his day job and around here, he promotes relaxation and fun as well.  He is a hopeless romantic.  He never forgets a special event or milestone.  Editing my blog is just a small aspect of the man I married.  I respect and adore him for all that he is.

This is his candid “editor” pose!

Thank you, FD, for knowing what I meant to say, and how to say it more eloquently.  I appreciate you dotting my i’s and crossing my t’s and catching my dangling participles [Editor’s note: Oh how I love to catch those dangling participles…].  You are the best editor a writer could ever ask for! [Why thank you dahling!]

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16 thoughts on “The Man Behind the Scenes… My Editor

    1. Oh, he is a gem and I’m so appreciative! It’s really great when you discover that person you were always meant to be with… FD encourages and enlightens… and allows me to be who I am. It just doesn’t get any better than that!


  1. Talented, caring… and a looker! Lucky you! 😀

    Mister Tribble sometimes proofreads or helps with editing my posts – but he does it over my shoulder while I’m writing, so it isn’t quite the same!

    I agree that there is nothing more embarrassing than proofreading your own work, publishing it and *then* spotting the errors that you have to go back to edit.


    1. Ha! If FD looks over my shoulder I tell him to go away until I’m finished! I can’t concentrate on what I want to say with a pair of eyes looking on! I can take critiquing after the fact, but not so much during.

      I think my editor is very handsome, but any flirtatious activity on my part falls flat when he’s proofreading my blog. Funny, that works for other “honey do” tasks! 🙂


      1. Heh, Mister Tribble gets a bit of a telling off for doing the “editing over the shoulder” thing, but then I am just as guilty if he’s tapping away at something!


  2. Such an adorable post!!! You guys sound like you were meant to be. The prose on your blog is flawless, I think your ideas and his “meticulousness” (hehe!) are really a winning combination!


    1. Thank you MJ! I just felt it was time to give FD the credit he deserves. I really appreciate his attention to detail… even when it does take me a bit longer to get a post out! Isn’t it wonderful to have such supportive and loving spouses?


      1. Yes it is. My problem is I usually get an email (from MLB at work) after I send the post out letting me know what I need to correct. Yeah, I’m a little impatient when it comes to hitting the “publish” button.


  3. It sounds like you have found another ranch hand. This one, is hard shelled. When the turkeys are around, I don’t have to worry about tomato worms in the garden. The bad thing is,they also grab the future butterflies on the milkweed.

    My husband doesn’t proofread for me, but I appreciate that he keeps my computer and software in good shape. I will bet yours does that, too.


    1. Yes, FD does it all. I’m so thankful for that. I’m not very techy and I find updating irritating and boring!

      Daisy deer ate a little butterfly that I saved today. It was overcome by little red ants and I gently got rid of the ants, attempting to help the butterfly. Daisy promptly came along and ATE my butterfly. Poor thing… I guess it was doomed to die. These things are sad to me, even though I know it is the way of nature.


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