My Big, Hairy Snow Plow!

Tori, bounding through the fluff!

Snow arrived shortly after nightfall yesterday, just as the weatherman had predicted.  I always get a little excited about snow.  Originally from Nebraska, I tend to get antsy if we do not see a few inches here in Oklahoma over the winter months.  It’s a novelty to get a little snow this far south, and the best part is that it usually melts in just a couple of days.  When the northern weather does make it down this way, I get my old, Nebraska snow scoop out to revel in a morning of clearing pathways and cleaning off the front and back porches.  However, last night’s snow produced only a couple of inches, so all that was needed to clear the walkway this morning was a broom.

Rump up, Paws down!

My usual routine on winter mornings finds me donning my coat, Elmer Fudd cap (complete with ear flaps), and my Muck boots.  I beckon our three Japanese Chin outside to do their bathroom business.  It’s not yet daylight at 6:00, but this morning the ambient light reflecting off the snow created a soft glow all around the property as if the sun was up already. For once, I did not need my trusty flashlight.  After catapulting out the front door,  Bear and Zoe immediatly put on the skids, wanting nothing to do with the cold, wet, white stuff.  But, Tori took off like a shot, making a bounding turn around the south side of the house, and promptly disappeared from my sight!   Zoe shivered and did her business just inches from the sidewalk.  After two attempts to carry Bear to the snow, only to have him return to the house without doing his business, I enforceabley walked him out to the driveway and guarded him until he finally did a slight squat, leaving a sufficient yellow spot in the snow.  A little panicked by now that Tori had not returned, I let Zoe and Bear back inside and made a snowy trail through the house to the back door with my boots on.  Sure enough, there was Tori in the backyard, doing “chinspins” and the “Chindy500” around the pool.  Somebody was enjoying himself a little too much this early in the day!

Snow plow READY!

An hour later I bundled up to head outside again.  I wanted to go down the slope to the canyon to check the water tub and put feed out for Daisy and the wild deer.  Tori seemed excited to come along, but the other two couch potatoes (Bear and Zoe) made no move when I asked, “Does anybody want to go OUT?”  I grabbed my camera and gloves and the two of us took off into the white fluff.  Tori was in his element!   He bounded around, pounced on the snow, took off running in tight circles, then skidded to a stop.  He would give me that astonished look of bedevilment, suddenly running every which direction, snow flying all around.  He especially loved rolling in the snow and making a plow with his face.  Rump in the air, he would crouch down then cut his eyes at me, silently inviting me to a game of “Catch me if you can!”

I remember the winter days of my childhood, playing King of the Mountain with my brother and sisters, knocking each other down piles of snow Dad had pushed up along the driveway. Of course, that got rough sometimes when the king (usually our brother) got a little bit pompus and, before long, the band of losers devised a coux to knock the mighty king off his throne.  We built forts and had snowball fights.  Invaribly, somebody always got hit in the face a little too hard with a snowball and that was the end of that.  We had contests to make the best snow angels and snowmen.  Most of the time someone (again, the brother who loved tormenting us girls) knocked the snowmen down or trompled our snow angels.  We occupied ourselves for hours in the bright, white fluff and, generally, came into the house soaked to the bone and red-cheeked.

This is the same frolic and play I was observing in Tori this morning.  I watched his big, hairy body pounce and scamper around with delight.  I let him roll and wiggle around in the snow making… uh, snow dog angels?  I let him snow-plow with his head and mash his face in the frozen fluff.  He seemed in no hurry to return to the house, and was completely and happily wet by the time he decided to follow me in.

What IS he thinking?

There seems to be something magical about snow that brings out the child in all of us.  It is a gift of icing from the heavens.  A bit of frozen frosting to enjoy.  It offers opportunities that an ordinary day cannot present.  This morning, on the way to the canyon, I lost my footing and fell hard, then slid down the slope a few feet.  My first thought was that I had just messed up my clean jeans.  Then along came Tori, pouncing down the slope in play.  It was a moment of choice… go along with him and play, or become crabby about a pair of old jeans.  I threw a snowball at Tori (intending to miss of course!) and the game was ON!!

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18 thoughts on “My Big, Hairy Snow Plow!

      1. Thank you – I’ve missed you too. Your tales from your own back yard are always so amusing, endearing or just beautifully written. They bring a ray of sunshine to my reading page.

        I am doing very well, thank you; in fact, I’m marrying my long-time fiance in May! Wedding plans and pickling adventures can be found on my blog 🙂


        1. How wonderful!! What an exciting time for you! I am anxious to read all about your plans! I just put your blog on my RSS feed so I won’t miss a single post of yours anymore!! I see I have a bit of catching up to do, as you have several posts I’ve missed. For some reason, WordPress quit sending me notifying email on many of my subscribed bloggers. Now that you are on my RSS reader, I can keep up!


          1. I’ve had that problem too, and have had to hit “follow by email”, “follow by Twitter” or “follow by RSS” buttons to get back in touch with people! I do have an email button and would love to hear from you regularly again 🙂


          2. I’m glad we’re back in touch too. As soon as I realised that WordPress wasn’t sending me my usual notifications I checked every account I follow to be certain that I’d clicked “Follow by email”.


  1. We had a promise of flurries but got rain. LOL! So far we haven’t had any snow this year. Then again, after last year I honestly can say I don’t miss it! My dogs on the other hand are like your Tori. They love the stuff. The big dog, Buddy, will leap into the air to snap and snatch the flakes out of the air. He also loves to snowplow… I don’t get it, and it makes me freeze just to watch, but they truly seem to love it don’t they?
    ~ Lynda


    1. I’m with you Lynda! I get shivery watching too! Tori was quite wet when he came inside, but I noticed later that his hair was soft as silk when it dried. He is a “Temple” Chin, the largest of the Japanese Chin breed, and his hair is stunning. He tends to be on the “hot” side, always looking for a place to cool his “tank” splayed out frog-style! I’m sure the snow felt divine to him! I like the snow just for a day or two. It’s just so pretty!


  2. You have made me a child again today, just READING about your childhood snow romps and Tori’s obvious bliss over all the white stuff to fling around. Tori is thinking:” I KNOW you want to come and roll around in this stuff with me; I KNOW you do! Come on, already; get WITH it!”


    1. Ah yes!! Isn’t it just wonderful that we can be young and child-like again? We simply need to choose to be… to create that feeling again. Animals are SO much that way. The antics of the squirrels, Daisy deer taking off on a wild scamper, Tori rolling in the snow, the hens having a peck at old Earl the rooster!! Life is full of delight! Thank you for your lovely comment!


  3. New snow always freshens the landscape. I love that sense of cleaning house.

    Dumb me, I didn’t know you got snow in Oklahoma! My nephew lives in Muskogee, and I don’t remember him talking about snow (but he’s a tight-lipped cowboy).


    1. Sandy, it may have been that Muskogee got rain instead of snow. I noticed a line east of us and way down into Texas where the temperatures were warmer and rain was their moisture. We didn’t get more than 2-3 inches of snow here. The snow is gone today, and the temps will be near 60!


  4. Go Tori!!!! Eddie played like that in the snow. The one year up in PA he had snow for months and I made him paths but he would still plow through the deepest spots. A wonderful winter story.


    1. Well Mamie, I have another discovery today! Tori is ferocious about chasing CATS!! I got so tickled. I sent Zoe out after the neighbors cat and Tori got all excited at the word, CAT! He bounded out the door going BOING, BOING, BOING on all fours like a rabbit! It was hilarious. I think it’s his big scary pounce move… trying to intimidate the cat! I thought of your Eddie when I photographed Tori. Those big boys are so special!


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