Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday morning I awoke with a headache.  I could tell by the way I was feeling, it was going to be one of those all day bangers.  At some point I was going to be in bed with the ice bag on my head, blinds pulled, resigned to watching TV.  Of all the mornings to feel ill, I had a 9:00 appointment in town, that I had already put off once. My friend Ruthie was coming by for lunch too.  The headache was really throwing a wrench into my day.

I decided for the quick make-up job (eyeliner and mascara only), and brushed my hair out.  This wasn’t my best look but it would do.  As I grabbed my purse, I noticed the grocery list on the kitchen counter.  The weekend was coming up and I really did not want to get out again this week, so I took the list along.  I would just deal with the headache and push forth.  After all, how long could it take me to stop by the store on the way home and get the few items on my list?

Typical of this day, my appointment took longer than I had planned. My head was pounding by the time I left the clinic, but I dashed to the store anyway, as I really needed to get those few things.  Being a hermit of sorts, I generally get out early, when the stores first open, in order to avoid people.  I can get my errands run quickly and get home without much ado that way.   Today, however, I had already blown my usual routine.  It was  10:30 and the parking lot looked full.  Fortunately, I was able to jet through the store fairly quickly, only running into the produce man I usually chat with.  This morning, I simply smiled and waved, snatching a container of blueberries without stopping my cart.  At this point, my headache was really getting the best of me.

Our two girls have returned!

Can you think of a time when you were so focused on something that everything else eludes you?  Have you ever driven home from work and were so lost in thought that you didn’t remember anything about the drive home?  That is exactly what happened to me.  I was completely numb, except for the pounding headache that had totally consumed me by now.  In fact, when I pulled onto our driveway it did not even register that… what??? Were those… TWO DEER ahead of me on the driveway?  Daisy our orphaned fawn? And Holly, the injured yearling?  YES!!   Our girls had returned!

Telling Daisy how worried I was.

I put the truck in park and shut off the ignition.  I didn’t care that it was in the middle of the driveway.  I got out and walked slowly to Daisy.  She was wary, but after a little talking she came forth.  She looked different; she was not the silly little deer that licked me and yanked on my zipper pull just the other day, and made the crazy-head moves, jumping all around.  She looked distant and cautious.  Holly was not far behind but she too was careful and watchful.  I walked to their pen and Daisy followed.  I put some deer feed in a bucket.  I ran to the house for an apple.  I couldn’t cut that apple up fast enough!  I called FD, who decided to come home for an early lunch and visit with our girls.  I ran outside with the apples and a camera.  The girls were hungry.  Daisy had lost her reflective collar,  and she had a small cut under her left eye,  but they looked good overall.  And I was so proud!  This was their fourth day out. They made it through 3 very cold nights out on their own!   They had stayed together and it was apparent they wished to be together, each watching the other and moving forth as a pair.

FD putting on a new collar and getting some licks from Daisy!

Eventually, they sauntered on to the neighboring pecan orchard.   I kept watch all day long, wondering when we might see them again.  Actually, we didn’t have to wait long.  After FD came home from work in the late afternoon, we found them out in the pecan orchard again and followed them on to a pasture of winter wheat.  We watched them graze until it got dark and we headed home.  They returned again late last night to rest on the slope behind our house, overlooking the canyon.  At one point, they even joined two wild deer down at the water and feed station.

Holly catching scent.

Again, late this morning I found the two of them checking out their old haunt at the deer pen.  They were looking for food and water.  Daisy appeared to have taken a swim somewhere, and she’d lost her 2nd collar.  They lazed in the south pasture for about an hour, then headed to the woods.  FD found them after work, Holly on the side of a hill, and Daisy just across.  Eventually they headed back to the pecan orchard, likely to have another nibble on that wheat pasture just down the way.

I don’t know if Daisy and Holly will always come to visit, but I know I was elated to see them yesterday.  Those 3 nights and days since we released them, seemed an eternity.  I worried, I wondered, and I prayed.  This morning I wasn’t too surprised to see them back.  It won’t matter if I’m in the middle of something or if I’m feeling under the weather; my heart will be filled with joy anytime I see my girls.    I hope they will always call this their home, and that they will come to visit for many years to come!

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A herd of two.

24 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day!

    1. Yes, MJ, it was a happy moment! We’ve seen them a few times since. They seem to mosey around where they want to, and they don’t really seem to want attention from us. It’s good they like this area and maybe for now feel comfortable here.


    1. Hi Lynda! Very exciting week this past week! Just seeing the girls took my mind off of my headache that day. It’s such a wonder how observing nature always soothes me. However, my excitement level went off the chart on Thursday! I was so happy to spot them that morning.


  1. It’s 2 a.m. here. Don’t ask me why I’m still awake. I don’t even know. But the insomnia is worth it because I discovered that, lo and behold, THEY’RE BACK!! I’m so tired I can hardly type, but I wish I could turn cartwheels!! I’m so happy for you and for them. Together again. What beautiful pictures! You see how kind the Universe is? You knew it all along! Thanks again for another post that made my heart sing with joy! Love to you all, and blessings all around!


    1. You are so correct! The Universe IS kind… and full of love! Thank you so much for your kind words and your beautiful nature! It means so much that there are others who find joy in simple things!


  2. This made me so happy to read!!!! Reminds me of the poem ‘If you love something, set it free…’ Thanks for this heart warming story to start my day with:)


  3. Yea for them and you!!!! So glad they are coming to visit you, it sounds like they will call this their home and will be around often because they are so well taken care of!


    1. You are right! I mean, where in the winter would one find fresh apples? And fresh well water? And nutritious deer feed? Besides, I think they may miss the chickens! They were neighbors for 8 months you know!!


  4. Dear Lori, I read this through tears of joy with you. That must have been so wonderful and just filled your heart to overflowing to see your girls and be able to touch them and watch them. Now you know they are nearby and hopefully they will continue to visit. I hope you are feeling better. Sending you a ((((HUG)))


    1. Hug accepted! I think you’d be right alongside here with me if you were here, hiking through the woods looking for the girls! I didn’t see them today, but it may be like that. They have minds of their own now, and no limits. I was surprised and worried when Daisy came home soaking wet yesterday. FD assures me they swim well, but it’s winter! There I go again, worrying!


  5. None of my biz sis, but why do you feed them at the pen now that they are on their own? Seems to me that would make them dependent on you for something every now and then, and not allow them to stand on their own.

    Just curious, I know you know more about this than I will ever know, but I was just thinking outside the box.



    1. Good question! I am not sure it IS the right thing, but we have conferred with some others who have raised fawns and decided just to leave the pen open on two sides and keep just a little feed in the bucket the first 2 or 3 weeks. What they seem to go to mostly, is the water tub. We have hooked the stock tank heater up at the barn so that water never freezes. Down below the house in the canyon where the feeding/water station is, the water freezes nightly. They are not eating deer feed much. They are interested in weeds and other vegetation around the place. I think when they go missing a day or two, they are becoming familiar with their surroundings, venturing further out. Home base may still feel “safe” for a while. In 3 weeks we’ll pull the feed bucket, and by the time warmer temps arrive we’ll empty the water tub by the barn. They will know where the feeding/water station is and use that solely if they’re still around by then.


  6. Such blessings to have these two beautiful girls come back to be near you! Sounds like they have most everything they need right near you! We have a herd that lives year in and year out all the the wood patches, creeks and patches of fields mixed with homes in our part of town here in NW Alabama. They love my wild pears and my muscadines!


    1. Wild pears and muscadines… no wonder you draw a crowd!! We try to be deer-friendly here, and will continue to plant grasses, shrubs, and roots in the canyon that the deer love. I got tickled this autumn to watch Daisy hoof up sweet potatoes that I missed digging up. And many deer showed up to dine on acorns from the oak tree in the pasture. It’s the only oak we know of for quite a distance. Amazing how they can catch a scent!


    1. Yes, the Universe does look after and protects all living things! These early days of the girls exploring will be interesting. It’s difficult at the same time, wondering and waiting for their return. I spend time with them when I see them. I always want them to know this is their home.


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