Dance of the Swamp Donkey!

Stare at yer partner, look real hard!

When I was a child, a rainy day was always an unexpected pleasure.  We would beg Mom to let us play outdoors, and after much nagging, she would usually give in.  We would then don our red, rubber boots and run outside, tromping through the puddles.  As the water receded, the thick, gooey, black mud would emerge and suddenly we all became expert mud-cookie makers.  Sprinkles of pea gravel, dandelion seed and crumbled sticks decorated our fancy creations.  We would dry them in the sun, and the next day there was sure to be an argument over who had made the best cookies.  My brother often took matters into his own hands by smashing everyone’s creations but his own, and then running off, laughing in a taunting manner… and the fight would be on!

Hoof at the ground with yer head hung down…

The winter rains have just arrived here recently, keeping me inside more than usual.  While observing the dreary weather outside, I certainly did not understand the reactions of Daisy, our orphaned deer fawn, and Holly, an injured, yearling deer to the cold, pouring rain.  They insisted on staying outside in the elements when there was a perfectly cozy barn to seek shelter in, and even a small canopied area to keep them dry.  I guess lying in the rain might not be so bad when you have a thick, fur coat, but when it’s a wet AND cold day, why wouldn’t one seek out the shelter of a roof overhead, and a bed of soft hay?

Do a little crazy-head; look to the left, look to the right…

After the rain ended and the sun broke out, FD looked out the front window to find Daisy dancing around in a crazy manner, frolicking  in a puddle of water.  We watched Daisy gaze at her own reflection in the puddle, then paw madly at the liquid, dispersing a wave of muddy water in front of her.  This seemed to delight her immensely, because the hoofing became more frantic and she was  soon leaping, twisting and throwing her head around like a Native American war dancer.  Then, she would stop suddenly, gaze into the water and, once again, the hoofing and silly boogie dance would start anew.  This provided us great amusement for half an hour or more. Not caring to partake in Daisy’s crazy display, timid Holly watched the splash-dance from a safe distance.

Do a little boogie and jump real high!

Panting, and covered in splotches and splashes of brown water, Daisy the dancing Swamp Donkey, strutted around proudly, oblivious of the muddy mess she had made of herself.  She minded not the muck and dribble, and every so often she would return to the puddle to stare into the depths, then give the glorious liquid a good hoof, and get after it all over again, dancing her crazy jig!

Later that afternoon we found our tired hoofer bedded down in a dry area of soft grass, with Holly lying nearby.  Their coats had dried, and the muck had disappeared from Daisy’s body.  Beautiful and elegant, they rested; ruminating, and watching alertly.

FD captured Daisy (foreground), and Holly (background), lazing in the afternoon sun.

I see the forecast is calling for more rain next week, perhaps even some snow.  I wonder how many more Swamp Donkey dances we will witness, and I wonder about Daisy’s first snow.  What will she think and how will she react to it?  Our time of keeping her is swiftly coming to an end.  In less than a month she and Holly will be free.  I know that I will long for these comical moments, observing Daisy and laughing at her silly deer nature. Yes, I know I will miss my little rain dancer…

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18 thoughts on “Dance of the Swamp Donkey!

  1. I’m sure that was entertaining to watch and it sounds like Daisy was enjoying herself immensely. I can’t wait to hear Daisy’s reaction to her first snow. I think it’s hilarious that Holly was keeping her distance from Daisy’s antics. Isn’t it funny how they have such different personalities? Just like people.


    1. I know just what you mean about personalities! You know, sometimes it takes hanging out with a Swamp Donkey to realize it’s alright to let loose and dance in the rain! We all have a little “swamp donkey” in us just waiting to be free!! We all have something to share with others… and sometimes it catches on!!


  2. Someone hit a big doe the other day and she was in the ditch, the worst part of it was her fawn, she laid beside the mama for a couple of days and then she just disappeared, don’t know what happened to her/him.

    Lot of deer on the road this year in Oklahoma, record numbers of them, pays to be real careful early in the morning and late in the evening.



    1. Yes, it is what happens when the rut is in full-swing. That is how Holly came to us; injured by a truck in the wee hours of the morning. The fawn you saw was probably fine to be on it’s own by this time in its life, and it likely, is part of a family herd in the vicinity. I believe that animals grieve, just as we do. I try to avoid being out after dark this time of year.


    1. I’m not sure if it will snow here or not. You know how unpredictable the weather can be! Regardless, Daisy will experience snow someday, and I’m sure she will delight in it whether I capture it on camera or not! Today we put dried pecan tree leaves in the pen (Daisy and Holly like to eat them) and Daisy got silly, jumping around in them. She is such a delight at this age.


  3. At the moment nothing feels more good than to wonder how is daisy going to enjoy and react in the snow.

    beautifully written as usual 🙂


    1. I know, I am really hoping the rain turns to snow here tonight! Daisy and Holly are both comical when they look up at birds, so I think they will do the same watching the snow fall. I wonder if it will make Daisy act crazy and frisky! She loves the cold and the rain! Silly girl!


    1. Thank you… I had the camera on auto but realize now I should have manually focused. The camera focused on the fence more than Daisy. I’m never very good with quick shots. I auto focus so I won’t miss anything, but if I’d be patient I might get more quality shots. I’m glad you liked them anyway!!


  4. These two lovelies must have been part of Gene Kelly’s unconciousness when he sang and performed “Dancing in the Rain”. I know you will miss these girls VERY MUCH. May many joyous dancing drops wash their days clear for a long time to come!


    1. I so love your choice of words! They are indeed, lovelies! It is a wonderful feeling knowing so many people are following Daisy and Holly’s story and will be here with us the day we set them free. Today was another day of dancing drops. Looks like our chances of snow are dashed for now. Daisy seems to be content with dollops of mud!


    1. I’m trying to be hopeful for tomorrow or Friday! The weatherman is calling for less than an inch in our area, and my knees seem to agree. They always ache with a change of weather! I will be sure to post about Daisy’s first snow! The picture you spoke of is one of my favorites! We see them laying together every day now.


    1. Thank you so much! Daisy is a little robust and sometimes reminds us of a donkey! She is a hoot to watch in the rain. She has been a wonderful distraction since the end of May. We’ll be releasing Daisy and Holly next week. I shall miss my dancing donkey!


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