Autumn Rain…

Autumn wildflowers grace the path to a sitting bench overlooking the canyon.

Yesterday brought cool temperatures and a steady rain most of the day.  I vowed to roast the last of the bell, poblano, jalapeno, and Anaheim peppers I had collected from the garden.  I harvested basil as well, chopping it up and making a slurry to freeze in cubes for winter use.  This will likely be the last of my garden produce.  One can safely assume that we will have our first killing freeze before long and our Indian summer will end.  Autumn is making her usual appearance, in no particular hurry to settle in.  She brings her palate of burnished reds, yellows and browns, dabbling a bit of color here and there.  She seems not to realize there is a deadline.  She sits on her little stool getting everything just so, and silly girl she is, forgets the time.  All too often, before her painting is complete,  Mr. Winter will come blowing in without any notice.  You see, he IS in a hurry, arriving on the northern express, always in a snit.

View of the woods from our back porch.

By afternoon I was tired of being cooped up in the house, fans running to circulate the air from the fumes of the hot peppers, fingers aching from coring and slicing.  I grabbed the camera and ventured outdoors in the heavy drizzle.  I noticed Daisy was restless too, plodding back and forth along the fence, longing to be part of a herd and wishing to be free.  I assured her as soon as hunting season is finished we will grant her freedom to be wild, but for now she is still too little to venture out alone.

Daisy looking for a little companionship in the rain!

We never will know what happened with Daisy’s mother.  We heard that many fawns were abandoned by their mother’s, due to the drought this year.  We heard there was not enough vegetation for the masses of deer to survive on and many perished.  Looking around it was much the same with the landscaping and plant life.  Some plants perished, others appeared to barely hang on with just a hint of green or stunted growth.

Weigela making a show after a long, brutal summer.

So it was a bit of a surprise yesterday to walk around and see the curtain had been lifted on stage and a small band of performers were gayly dressed doing a short one-act play as if to lift our spirits once more before the doldrums of dreary winter weather set in for the season.  Flowering shrubs seemed to be boasting a last-minute achievement.

Fragrant rose drenched with rain.

All of the roses seemed to apologize for their fashionably late arrival and in their shy way, took a seat quietly in the back.  A few canna flowers made an appearance as well.  A large group of gallardia and marigolds who had arrived for the earlier summer performance had flourished in the heat, and still appeared bright and cheery, ready to take their act to the final curtain.  Miss Autumn sat under her umbrella and painted, while Daisy nibbled on a branch of hack berry tree leaves.  Squirrels scampered carefully under the oak tree, gathering acorns and then with a flicker of tail raced back to the safety of a nearby tree.  Crows cawed in the distance and Canadian geese flew overhead honking as they made their journey heading south.

Daisy nibbling on delicious hack berry tree leaves!

I sat quietly finally, in the barn entry, watching Daisy nibble, looking all around in the mist of rain, enjoying the sound of soft pitter-pattering raindrops on my jacket.  Days from now  Jack Frost will come with his icy brush and change the landscape once again.  I will find myself enjoying a performance of a different kind with Mother Nature.  Old man winter will arrive soon too.  He is a grumpy sort, but oh the tales he can spin and stories he has to tell… I would not miss his performance for the world!  Daisy will find her freedom and I will miss her.  But just maybe, she will return to me now and then, as the seasons do, and delight me with her antics, her silly ways, and she will teach me more about living in the moment.

Today the sun is shining.  It seems Miss Autumn has been granted another fine day to paint and create additional splendor and beauty on her canvas.  The flowers and landscape have been asked for a return performance, and the animals and birds scurry for another day of preparation for winter.  I will be harvesting more basil and preparing my winter stores.  You can bet I will be taking some time with my camera later on to enjoy taking a stroll around the gallery of nature.  The canvas is ever-changing… and it’s spectacular to observe!

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4 thoughts on “Autumn Rain…

  1. Wonderful post! I loved what you said about old man winter, arriving in a hurry and always in a snit! Excellent description of the changing seasons!


      1. Loved your blog. You have such a way with words. Daisy has lost her spots now. I don’t want you to let her go, but I know you have to. Hope she comes back. Love ya r


        1. I find myself both looking forward to seeing her run free, and yet hoping she will return. People say she will be a pest and eat everything on the place. So be it if that is how it goes. I wouldn’t trade the experience of raising her for anything. We raised Frosty the squirrel who at times, made us crazy… but we love him and the rewards way out weighed any damage he’s done to the back porch!! LOL Life is what you make it. I’m enjoying every minute with Daisy!


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