Morning Blues…

Early morning front moving away to the east.

I delight in early mornings.  I suppose that has always been evident in my bright, cheery demeanor at the opener of each day.  I was never popular in the workplace with that bubbly, songbird chirping as part of my personality.  Over the years I did not let the grumpy, “Don’t talk to me” people bother me a bit.  Life is about choices.

Splendor of sun rays peeking over a bank of clouds.

My Mom woke us up in the mornings with a bright, cheery voice and sometimes pulled the covers up around our feet and tickled our toes, or inched up our arms with her fingers like a silly little caterpillar at play.  She was encouraging about getting up, not demanding. She prepared wonderful, filling breakfasts to start the day right. I grew up with pleasant, unhurried mornings.

Looming giant bringing rain to the northeast.

I learned fairly quickly, as a farm girl, to appreciate the cool of the early day.  The best part of the work day was to get chores done when the temperature was cool and shade was plentiful. Much of the time weather dictated how the day would go.  I learned to appreciate the many facets of Mother Nature.

Mother Nature’s brush of morning beauty.

So this morning heading out of the house I witnessed the splendor of the sun and clouds off to the east.  Someone else would benefit from a shower or storm to the east of us.  But we, on the other side of the storm, would watch in wonder and amazement, the beautiful painting Mother Nature created in real time.  A kaleidoscope of color, hue and form changed by the second.  I raced inside to retrieve my camera, but when I returned the scene in front of me, the moment in time, had already changed.  I was a bit disappointed and a tad vexed that, just a minute before, I had missed a more spectacular photo opportunity.  I snapped a few pics and watched the cloud formation transform as I walked down the lane to open our front gate.

I have always equated blue with coolness and relaxation.  It speaks of peace, calmness, and tranquility.  I am not too sure how some folks can walk out of their homes each morning and grumble about the start of another day.  Each day welcomes me with a beautiful sky, be it dark with clouds, or light blue with bright sun.  It is a time of new beginning, new choices, and leaving yesterday behind.

Sky reflection in our swimming pool.

I grabbed a cup of coffee on the way to the back porch.  To the west were small, puffy clouds like cotton balls lazing in the sky.  I gazed around a while before heading in to start FD’s breakfast.  What a serene and quiet morning!  Who on earth could be a grouch with all of this beautiful morning blue in the sky?

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    1. Early mornings are very awesome here. Of course I think my attitude rocks in the mornings… not everyone is wired that way. The animals are always more active in the mornings too. Just seems like a terrific time to be out there with the camera!


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