Fire and Rain…

The James Taylor song, “Fire and Rain” came to mind this past weekend when the days tasks unfolded.  The previous weeks rains had finally allowed the regional burn ban to be lifted.  For months we had been in a drought, where the Oklahoma Forestry Department, along with county commissioners, decided it was just too dry to burn.  So piles of brush and timber awaited favorable weather.

Saturday it was still much too windy to burn.  I had written an email to a friend that morning saying it was just as well we couldn’t burn since the end of the earth was supposed to take place that day.  Why would we bother with outdoor work in that case?  FD and I both took Saturday off, but it wasn’t because of end of earth predictions.  It was because we wanted to.  And, because sometimes the body just needs some rest.  We turned in that night expecting to wake up to see another day.

Sunday came with a mild breeze… and sun… and birds circling above.  I am not sure we will ever know what the last day is, if indeed, there is a last day.  But, there is a little mystery about each day, and what it will bring.  I like that.  I can think a lot about what I plan for the day, but ultimately there is adventure and wonder that we cannot possibly know.

I’ve seen fire…

and I’ve seen rain.

Family enjoying our pool!

I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end.

A lone spider.

I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend…

FD photographed a hazy evening on the Oregon coast.

But I always thought that I’d see you again.

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7 thoughts on “Fire and Rain…

  1. Good morning my friend. A sunny day there today but we had fire (lightning) and rain last night here in PA. I’ll be glad to get home this weekend.
    Love ya,


  2. Good morning my friend. Last night we had fire(lightning) and rain here in PA. I’m getting tired. Will be glad to get home.
    Love ya,


    1. Safe travels to you dear friend!! It’ll be nice to have the comforts of home again! We are glad to be home from our trip north. That venture through tornado alley in the spring is always iffy…


    1. Thank you! That’s not my favorite song by James Taylor, but it did seem fitting with the “End of the earth” prediction and the recent rains and burn ban lift. Every once in a while it all comes together for a nice, short post!


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