Grooming Mother Nature

The trusty workout tool… push mowing.

Yesterday was mowing day.  With approximately 4 to 5 acres of mowing (the rest is woodland) it is a day’s work and then some.  Sometimes it’s just about hitting the main mowing which requires less time (7 hours or so) and one person.  Yesterday entailed trim, some path cutting in the canyon, and the regular mowing so FD and I tackled the project together.

FD on our favorite machine, the zero turn Hustler.

Neighbors tease us about our “golf course” while others say it looks like a park.  For us it’s an accomplishment of pride. To turn 10 acres of land from a weed infested, overgrown with trees section of land to a well-groomed and nicely landscaped yard, takes time and lots of nurturing.

While I’m pushing the mower or riding the zero-turn I often think of my work as giving mother nature a day at the spa.  She is absolutely gorgeous and ready to entertain the masses, welcoming all with a sweeping flourish as if to say, “Come and walk my paths!  Feel the cool of the shade and sit on a bench, enjoy the view!”

Gathering insects behind the mower!

I noticed this female robin flitting along behind me gathering bugs as I made swaths with the mower.  Likely she has a young brood to feed and the shortened grass, coupled with exposed insects, made her task an easy one.  Off in the distance western king birds, crows, Mississippi kites, and brown thrashers can be seen plucking up insects on the freshly mowed grass.

Morning dew sparkles as the sun comes up.

I was up early this morning, before the breeze kicked in.  Sparkling dew drops graced the yard and already the early birds were out gathering insects and poking around for worms.  I sat on the back porch sipping my coffee and enjoying the spectacular view off the rim.  Looking down into the canyon I observed two little squirrels racing around a large pecan tree.  In the quiet one could hear their claws scraping the bark as they scurried round and round the tree limbs in chase.  A downy woodpecker’s shrill, whinnying call is heard not far away. Suddenly a hummingbird comes to feed on honeysuckle nectar, only to be chased off by the territorial black chin who keeps a close watch on the back porch feeders and the honeysuckle vine!

Early morning quiet and serenity.

What a delight it is to look over the finished product of a previous days work and enjoy the beauty it has to offer.  If we look at our days work with  drudgery and bother, what good is it?  It is a choice we make, to enjoy a task or bemoan it.  Why not approach our chores with eagerness and wonder, enjoying the benefits and finding passion in what we do?

On that note, I believe I’ll tackle the chicken barn this coming week.  Poop scooping has its own pleasures… but I will save that for another post!

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