Oblivious of the Royal Wedding…

Hummingbird perched, awaiting battle!

I did not arise early this morning to take part in viewing the royal wedding.  Dawn was unfolding as I rolled out of bed, made my first cup of coffee and caught the highlights of the happy couple enjoying the days festivities in England.

I grabbed the camera, heading out to see what morning shots I could find before the wind got up.

Tiny spider web catching early morning sunlight.

Early mornings are cool in the woodland.  Some species are slow to move about, while others have been busy since first light.

A curious girl gets a closer look at me!

I wondered if this squirrel was one of the babies we saw near our home earlier in the month.  Two other small ones were nearby, flagging their tails at me.

It is easy to listen in the quiet of the morning for tiny chirps and peeping.  With a watchful eye and a little patience, it is often easy to spot parent birds flying to their nests or tree crevices and holes feeding and caring for their young.

Female Downy Woodpecker tending to her young.

About every minute I observed either the male or female Downy Woodpecker carefully entering the area where they housed their young.  A small hole, hidden by an umbrella of leaves overhead, made their coming and going less conspicuous.  I was observed for some time before I was no longer considered a threat!

A Tufted Titmouse preparing to deliver breakfast to her young.

The Tufted Titmouse was no different in approach.  Both male and female gave me the watchful eye and chose a back of the tree approach to deliver breakfast to their brood.

By now the sun was beaming and the wind was picking up.  I came back atop the slope towards our house and noticed a female Robin in search of water.  I set the camera down to refill the bird baths… a daily chore morning and evening here. It is a favorite gathering spot for birds, squirrels, and sometimes night critters!

Looking for water!

As I headed back to the house I noticed something shiny heading down the slope in a hurry.  It turned out to be a turtle. Obviously, someone was in a hurry to scurry somewhere!  I snapped a few pics of the wary fellow.  He was rough-looking, had a hole in a section of his shell and the edges were battered.

Unidentified turtle…

I got another “look” from him just as I did from the birds.  Evidently, critters of all sorts are none too trusting of humans!

I snapped the lens cap back on the camera, checked myself over for ticks, brushed myself off (from sitting or laying on the ground to get photos) and went to the house.  The TV commentator was still blathering on with royal wedding coverage.  Immersing myself with nature and all that surrounded me this morning, I couldn’t help but feel momentarily disconnected from the human world.  Nature knows only of survival.  I am convinced all the more in my observations of simple life forms, that humans put importance on the most ridiculous sorts of things. While the world stood in awe of a couple and the pomp and parade that surrounded them, nature proceeded with its own agenda…living in the moment!

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    1. Exactly! You know I seldom watch TV. So much of it pales in comparison to what I can watch out a window or view from the front or back porches. A walk in the woods or just sitting on a log and quietly observing is far more entertaining than that silly box in the house.


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