The Gentle Kiss of Rain

I am not going to have a pity party about the drought in Oklahoma.  I am quite sure my ancestor’s could tell a much worse story of living in the desolate Midwest during the early 1900’s.

Sparkling iris petals.

After all, I can rely on water pumped from a well and hundreds of feet of hose to deliver water to a sprinkler or a nozzle to keep the landscaping around here alive.

Every living thing learns to adapt to less and to survive without much moisture.  Life goes on in a different way.  Blooms are small and few.  Animals get by on less and find clever ways to extract water from other sources.

Refreshing dapples of water in periwinkle blue.

The first gentle rain arrived on Monday and lingered as fog and drizzle on Tuesday.  As the clouds broke up and lazy shadows crept along the woodland paths I marveled at the splendor of raindrops sprinkled like sugar on vegetation and the musky, dark earth.  Sun presented a rainbow of color all around.

Shimmering droplets on a purple leaf Redbud tree.

In all of my walks through the woods  this spring, I had never noticed the hundreds of tiny spider homes erected on the ground.  The gentle rain and mist had magically exposed the sweeping canopies with tiny sparkles.  Some were small and simple, while others were vast and elaborate.  Some erected with sticks and tall grasses, while others seemed to be red earth dwellings.  All were well disguised traps on the woodland floor.

A wolf spider finding comfort in his home.

Had the rain not exposed these gentle homes and timid creatures I would never have noticed their existence.  Possibly, I would have carelessly trodden on them and obliterated a spider habitat.  I thought about that for a while and wondered how insects and animals must view the way humans seem to have little regard for life.  I am no bug hugger by any means, and I am not too fond of some species of insect, reptile and animals… nor am I fond of a few humans I happen to know!  But, we are all here and deserve to exist however it is we choose to live, having respect for one another.

Stepping out of her hidey hole…

I continued my walk in marvel and wonder, breathing in the musky, cedar scent of the woods and felt the fresh, cool that a gentle rain brings.  Too soon the sun came out and my window of photographing opportunity dwindled with the droplets.  I will wait patiently for the next rainy day.  I am quite sure nature will have more secrets to reveal, be it a storm or a gentle mist.

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