A Turkey Goes to Town

A Gobbler strolling in the front yard.

Last week my husband, FD, alerted me during lunch to “COME QUICK!!”  I found him at a window looking out back on the rim of the canyon.  Fanned out in his finest plumage, was a young gobbler.  Before FD could get the camera and zoom lens in hand, Mr. Turkey had taken off towards our front yard.  He appeared to be searching for something… perhaps he heard the chickens clucking away, but then noticed roosters Hugo and Earl accompanying the ladies.  Changing directions, but still scouting around the property, he moved on towards the street.  He seemed to be looking for something… or was he?  Perhaps he was just curious.

Is the grass REALLY greener on the other side of the fence??

Isn’t life like that for all of us at times? We  ponder whether to investigate, or just play it safe and stay with what we know.  We never take the risk to experience something new or find a little adventure beyond our boundaries.  Instead, we look wistfully and wonder.  What is it that finally urges us on?  What is it that keeps us riveted where we are?

Our gobbler friend decided to forge on and see what he could see.  FD last saw him strutting through Mom’s sea of daffodils, where he made his way to the fence and flew over onto 9th Street where he landed and continued his stroll on towards Louisiana Street.  How wonderful… to have courage and curiosity!  To dare to be different.

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2 thoughts on “A Turkey Goes to Town

  1. Thanks so much for guiding me toward this post, and you were right! It was exactly what I needed. Sometimes I see myself as a goldfish in one of those little round, glass bowls, swimming round and round and never realizing how limited my world is. I read somewhere that if you take a goldfish out of the bowl and put it in the bath tub, it will continue to swim around in the same small circle. I needed this lesson today. I need to look around and realize there’s a whole, wide world out there. So much beauty, so much to discover, so much to see and understand on a whole other level, and all I have to do is open my eyes to true vision. I love your writing, and I particularly loved this piece. What a lesson for us all!


    1. I am glad you enjoyed it. I wish I had been willing to open my eyes at a much younger age, but I suppose life is lived as it should be; discovering who we are and who we are not, in order to have understanding. It is great to be at this place in life, even though I seem to have acquired a good bit of gray hair to go with the wisdom!


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