Days in the Woods

Heading out in the Bad Boy Buggy.

Early spring is a great time to tackle hard work while the weather is cool, insects are at a minimum, and varmints are still hibernating (especially snakes). Our wooded area of the property has been a work in progress for three years since we moved on the place.

“Before” view of path along fence line.

For two or more decades,  and specifically two years ago, ice storms left the old pathways impassable. Young trees grew wild in the fence lines, dead tree limbs tangled with live limbs, and small seedling trees popped up in with the weeds and brambles.  Soon there were no signs of the old paths.  This spring, while  weather permitted, I ventured out with my reciprocating saw, plenty of pruning blades, shovel, rake, and gloves.

“After” photo of clean up near power lines.

FD spent weekends with the chainsaw, cutting up the larger fallen trees and  falling some of the young trees that blocked the paths along fence lines. It was my job to come in and complete the smaller work.  I cut down young, slender trees, trimmed smaller, old stumps level with the ground, moved dirt from the fence line, and dug up Johnson grass roots.  I piled brush up along the paths.  Dry conditions and the ever-present Oklahoma winds have made burning impossible.  We await spring rains to allow burning to aid in the clearing of debris.

“After” shot, gentle archway into the woods.

This summer the paths will be easier to mow, and I can more easily control the weeds and trees sprouting up on the paths. Eventually, we will cut hiking trails, level areas for tent camping, and leave some vine for swinging and climbing.  We’ll try to  eradicate poison ivy, which has taken over in a few areas.

Eventually, our dream is to build a romantic little cabin in the woods as a getaway retreat.   Until then, we keep moving towards that day with persistence and appreciation.  It’s understood that the woods will always be wild and untamed… and we are humble visitors simply here to observe and enjoy!

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