Graceful Lady of Spring

Splashes of yellow daffodil in the garden

I am often humbled by the labor of love FD’s Grandmother bestowed on this place.  Hundreds of iris, daffodil and amaryllis bulbs planted by hand, to welcome spring with a spectacular display of color.

Quince ablaze with color

Shrubs and trees grace the yard in varied heights and widths, like dancing ladies dressed in gowns of the finest, most delicate fabrics and softest colors.

Peach blossoms promising succulent, summer fruit
Shy Forsythia bows gracefully, knowing not her splendor

Each doing their curtsy, lowering and lifting in the spring breezes.  Sometimes whirling carelessly in the wind.

The Oklahoma Redbud makes her bold appearance

At times I ponder the miracle of each new day, each flower, each blade of grass, the blue sky, the birds and butterflies, the wind, the warm sun, and I wonder if this must really be… heaven.

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8 thoughts on “Graceful Lady of Spring

    1. Thank you for visiting! Yes, it is beautiful here in the springtime. Other times of the year one has to look a little harder (in the scorching heat of summer!), but I believe every form of life has it’s moment in the sun.


    2. It is slowly being returned to it’s former glory thanks to very hard work and a heart full of love. My Grandmother would be most proud.


    1. Thank you! Yes, that’s my work. I enjoy photographing nature when a moment presents itself. A couple of years ago three foxes frequented our place. I was fortunate to have the zoom lens and plenty of time to photograph them while they kept an eye on two pet ducks we had at the time. Eventually, we had to relocate the ducks, but we do try to allow nature to be present here as we are also present in their world. I often need to remind myself to “make” time to indulge in photography. I “see” photographs wherever I go… but it’s difficult to lug a camera around all day when one is busy gardening and doing chores!


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