Being a Squirrel…

Scene of pillage and plunder

So it was in March of 2010, we wondered if our bushy-tailed Frosty had returned.  We never saw him, but each day for a week we came home to find a royal mess on the back porch.  Someone had ransacked Frosty’s house.  Each day the batting hung in shreds all over the back porch and lay in a path on the ground towards the trees south of the house.  Frosty’s stuffed Tigger toy and Gorilla were also found on the ground.  That made me think it was some other villain.  Frosty would never chunk his beloved Gorilla?  Would he?

After a time we noticed nibble marks on the back porch wood, and we realized it was time to take Frosty’s fancy house to the woods.  Some squirrels might as well be using it – but I didn’t want to attract them to the back porch necessarily.  And so, each time we saw a squirrel we hoped it was Frosty, but we never really knew.  All we could tell to be sure it was him, was possibly to look at the tail.  It had a chopped off, blunt look the last time we saw him.

January this year, we began to notice our yard furniture was being shredded.  Big hunks of fabric were ripped from the cushions and stuffing was pooching out!  The blanket I used to protect my potted plants on the porch had strange, gaping holes all around.  After a couple of heavy snows we finally spotted the little devil on the back porch eating the food I’d set out in trays for the birds.  There he was, stubbed tail and all, Frosty.  He was filling up on sunflower seeds.  So, I found some unshelled pecans, and each day we found him near the house nibbling at the bird seed and pecans.  We finally took the porch furniture to the storage building because he continued to rip with his teeth.  I SAW him do it.  One

More bedevilment…

day I heard a thumping noise at the back door.  Having a visual of the back door through our bedroom french doors I found Frosty ripping and and pulling a doormat with his teeth.  He was so “into” his work that he didn’t hear me open the door, but jumped straight up into the air when I yelled, “FROSTY DALE!! WHAT are you DOING???”  He promptly landed straight down and ran off to the west.  The next day he returned while we weren’t here and finished off the job.  The door mat aged 20 years in one day.  I trimmed the ratted up fuzz with a scissors.  There was no sense in investing in a new mat with Frosty still sharpening his teeth. Squirrel teeth generally grow at a rate of 6 inches a year.  That’s a lot of gnawing to keep under control.

Frosty’s tooth tapestry

In conclusion, just what is it that we do?  Obviously we will be looking at all metal yard furniture.  No more cushions.  I guess we can hope this is a late winter/early spring activity during the coldest weather that prompts him to visit “home” and find nesting material here.

He sure LOOKS innocent…

While I’m elated to know he’s alive and well, and that despite being raised by humans he’s managed survival on his own, I’m also a bit annoyed.  Is this any way to thank us?

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2 thoughts on “Being a Squirrel…

  1. We have a dozen little fellas and about forty or fifty birds that frequent out restaurant/yard! The little guys will come right up to you! It freaks my daughter out!


    1. They are a delight to be sure, but I wasn’t too happy about shelling out $200 on new cushions this spring. I have not seen hide nor hair of the little devil since. As it is, after raising Frosty, they all become Frosty. I never look at a squirrel the same… they are no longer worthless rodentia. They are great performers capable of great, flying antics… and, well, they’re great cushion rippers. Ya gotta love ’em!


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