The Trill of the Robin…

Springtime rolled into Oklahoma with flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder early this morning.  Soon hail plinked against the windows, and thick sheets of rain pounded down.  Oh, there had been signs of spring already the past two weeks.  Warmer temperatures in the 70’s and bits of green were popping up everywhere.  This morning tinges of pink could be found in tightly bound blossoms.

Spirea Blossoms

And the last of the winter lichen hung on the trees making a spectacular display.  Soon, it will dry and succumb to the summer heat.

Lichen on a persimmon tree (north face).

Pale yellow daffodils made an appearance this morning too, dappled with pearls of rainwater.

Sleepy daffodil coming to life.

I padded around on the squishy, wet ground in my Muck boots for a while.  It’s pretty awesome here in the early morning… smell of earth and cedar, early birds singing, squirrels running about, and the neighbor’s longhorn cattle herd lowing in the canyon below.  I decided to come inside to change lenses on the camera and get my tripod set up.   Maybe if I waited a while, the sun would show and nature would present more photographic splendor.  I get sidetracked a lot with the camera or the binoculars.  I am an animal and nature lover at heart.  I see photographs wherever I go.  And, I love to observe.

So, while I was busy changing lenses on the camera and checking my email, I stopped to listen when I heard that familiar sound.   I knew it immediately, the trill of the robin!

My long lost friend announcing his arrival!

It wasn’t difficult to find him.  He was just outside the back porch perched high in the hackberry tree.   Over and over he happily announced his presence.  Soon I was aware of other robins down in the canyon and across the pasture answering back with the same cheerful song.

Looking for a bite to eat.

Grabbing the zoom lens, I headed out again.  There were robins everywhere it seemed!  So, friends, it’s official; spring has arrived.  Mother Nature dispatched her trusty messenger, the North American thrush, with the orange-red breast and cheery song.   Perhaps she knew the morning rain would prepare the feast for her trusty crew on their arrival.  Plucking just the right fat, juicy worm from the soft, damp earth!

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  1. Loved it. You are a great writer. Even though it is gloomy and cloudy out this morning, I felt like it was spring while reading your words. Thanks. r


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