Daisy Comes Home for Christmas

As I stepped outside last night to check the weather before heading to bed, I felt the frigid blast of a northerly cutting into me.  For more than a week, the weather experts had been predicting a winter storm to hit Oklahoma over the Christmas holiday.  Being from Nebraska originally, I always welcomed a little snow… or a lot of snow.  I still had my beat-up snow shovel, the same one I had used since I was in my early 20’s.  Of course I still had an old grain scoop too, one that my Dad had sent along in the trunk of my car the first winter after I moved away from home.  The grain scoop came in handy for big snows where the snow was wet and heavy.  For the most part though, Oklahoma rarely gets more than a couple of inches of snow, so the flat snow shovel works better in most cases. Thinking back on my snow shovels prompted me to spend a good part of the day yesterday preparing for the winter storm that was predicted to arrive late in the night of Christmas Eve, or the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Day.  I was more than a little excited.

Daisy gets an apple snack and a good petting!

Daisy gets an apple snack and a good petting!

While standing on the front porch last night, waiting for my three Japanese Chin to do their “business” for the last time, I said the prayer I whispered every night.  I always thanked Universe/God for taking care of Daisy deer, protecting her and providing all that she needed to survive.  I included all the critters and beasts of the land in the prayer too.  As I rounded up the Chin to come back in the house, I shivered a bit.  The wind was bitterly cold and damp.  My weather-predicting knees had been aching all day long.  I hoped Daisy found a protected area to bed down in last night.   I was not so sure I could survive in such conditions!

Upon rising this morning, I walked to the sliding glass doors to look out at the canyon, and was disappointed to see only a skiff of snow.  What a dud.  Those weather forecasters  were completely incompetent!  I quickly dressed, donned my coat, and marched to the front door to let Zoe, Bear, and Tori outside. Stepping out, I noticed it was just beginning to sleet a little and there was a thin layer of ice under the skiff of snow. Under these conditions, the dogs didn’t take long to do their business.  Only Tori seemed excited about the bit of white fluff.

FD feeds Daisy her fruity kibble snack.

FD feeds Daisy her fruity kibble snack.

Just as I arrived inside, FD exclaimed that Daisy was at the corn feeder!  I quickly sliced an apple while FD got his coat.  It had been four days since we had seen Daisy.  For more than a month, we had seen her only a handful of times, and the local deer herd had not been around at all.  We were fairly certain that a couple of wild dogs that I had often seen on the place lately, were the culprits in keeping the deer away.  One day, I spotted the dogs chasing Daisy around our house, her tail high and on a dead run!  I was angry.  The neighbors all around also had trouble with these two dogs chasing cattle, killing cats and other varmints.  I was worried that eventually they would find our chickens.

This morning, Daisy was loving, showering us with licks.  Sometimes she is quite aloof but today she seemed happy to see her people. Her coat was plastered with clumps of ice, and the sleet was beginning to pile up on her back.  I removed the patches of ice and petted her coat.  She ate an entire apple, and contentedly munched on corn.  She was just beginning to enjoy a little deer chow when she became alert, then startled and high-tailed it to the south!  Looking to the north where we last saw her staring, were the two wild dogs!  They must have caught her scent and were after my Daisy girl again!  Angrily, I roared and yelled in a gruff voice, “GET OUTTA HERE!!!”  FD headed back up the slope to the house to retrieve his gun but before he could get there, the dogs ran off into the distance.

Daisy Comes Home for Christmas

Daisy comes home to see her human family on Christmas Day!

Eventually, Daisy came back around the front of the house.  FD took her a little, fruity smelling snack he refers to as “Fruity Pebbles”.  Before long, Daisy had her fill of Fruity Pebbles and ventured down below to the water tub. There, she took a long drink before heading out to the north to the pecan orchard.  Ever since the start of mating season, Daisy has been more independent.  I am always happy to see Daisy, and of course, I miss her and I worry about her.  I hope to see her every day, but I am adjusting to her wayward ways… and only seeing her every third or fourth day.

Even though it was a brief visit, and interrupted by those awful dogs, I was happy to see my girl today.  Just after she took off for the pecan orchard, big flakes of snow began to fall… our winter weather had arrived.  I hope Daisy found a sheltered area in which to bed down and chew her cud, while enjoying the cool weather that deer seem to flourish in. I prayed to Universe/God with thanks for taking care of Daisy deer, protecting her and providing all that she needs to survive.  Most of all, I was thankful that Daisy came home to visit her folks on Christmas Day.

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49 Responses to Daisy Comes Home for Christmas

  1. shoreacres says:

    What a lovely story. It’s always such a pleasure to be visited by the animals who are of/not of our world. I have a friend just south of Norman and was following the weather last night and today because of her, and also because of my cousins in Tulsa and western Arkansas. I know many are hoping for wet snows if snow must come – just for the moisture.

    Merry Christmas to you all – wild creatures and domesticated alike!

    • littlesundog says:

      This was a wet snow, and ample! I was thankful to see it, but it was a blustery beast for about 3 hours. Now we just have gusty wind and brutal temps in the teens. Animals and birds have got to be tough to live in such a climate. I always put out plenty of deer feed and bird seed. We keep heated water for the birds and mammals as well.

      Merry Christmas to you too!!

  2. Sweget says:

    Just wonderful!! So glad Daisy paid you a visit for Christmas. She is so beautiful.

    Merry Christmas!


  3. narf77 says:

    Those dogs must be starving…I wonder who obviously dumped them to their fate? How cruel! Maybe you could call your local animal welfare shelter and report them? My father raised a baby orphaned wombat that returned to the wild and there is always a special bond between someone who cares for orphaned animals and the babies that they care for when they reach adulthood. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us…I have only seen snow on the top of a local mountain…it’s an anomoly here in Australia :)

    • littlesundog says:

      Wild dogs run rampant in Oklahoma, in most parts of the state. It is indeed sad that people dump dogs and leave them to fend for themselves. These two are not just playing around chasing… they’re killers. Being on the outskirts of town, our animal control people won’t help us. They would not take the time to go into the woods in search of them. These dogs have been seen in some of the outer areas of town, but like all dogs, they can be elusive and not easy to catch.

      Daisy is a precious gift… and certainly a blessing in our lives. In my blog stories about her, you’ll see I have learned much from her quiet, yet alert ways. She came into my life when I needed her most. Thank you for appreciating this special bond. Thanks too for sharing about your father’s experience raising a baby wombat! How cool is that?!!

      • narf77 says:

        Those dogs might have to be “dealt with” for their own good and before they do something worse than menace. We have a feral cat problem here and we are going to have to deal with them like someone is going to have to deal with those dogs. It is sad that it comes to killing animals and it’s hardly fair that it comes because someone else abrogated their responsibility and dumped them but you have your deer and we have all of the beautiful birds that come to Serendipity Farm and I guess the buck has to stop somewhere (pardon the unintentional pun! ;) ). The wombat was apparently very cool and there is still evidence of her activities (chewed walls and scratched skirting boards) on Serendipity Farm. We haven’t seen any wombat activity but we do have the occasional echidna that bumbles through on the way to somewhere else and we have resident wallabies and possums. You need to do what you have to do to protect Daisy and I completely understand that, I just find it difficult to understand the mentality of someone who would dump a family pet for any reason whatsoever being a dog lover myself :(

        • littlesundog says:

          I tend to agree with you. There are no easy answers, only to do what each person feels is necessary. This is the outcome of too many homeless and abandoned animals. Both dogs and cats go feral and become troublesome. With cats, we lose birds mostly. Dogs are harmful to livestock. I’m not sure better education about spaying and neutering dogs and cats does any good. People in this country are not responsible about many things.

          • narf77 says:

            A lack of responsiblity for our own actions is a worldwide epidemic and something that appears to be spreading :(. I guess we are both going to have to deal with our “problems” however we see fit but humanely in the process…just because someone chooses to abrogate their responsibilities doesn’t mean that our responsibilities to be humane are any less…sigh… oh well, we have a squillion cats that have had a lot of kittens to try to deal with in the next few months… good luck with your own feral dog problem

          • littlesundog says:

            Well said my friend!

  4. Rachel says:

    Happy Christmas to you all :) I’m glad Daisy came to visit – nothing like a family get-together!

  5. mizouila71 says:

    What a lovely christmas’ present! I did appreciate your story and i hope wild dogs won’t come back anymore. Have a nice time!.

    • littlesundog says:

      Yes, it was a wonderful Christmas present! Those dogs are here probably 3 or 4 times a week, and no one can seem to pin them down. I do call the neighbors when I see them headed a certain direction, but with the woods and open meadows to the river, it’s often difficult to see them (trees and tall grasses). I’m so glad Daisy is alert and able to flee them. Some small mammals have been killed by them… so sad.

      I wish you a wonderful holiday season! Thanks for the lovely comment!

      • mizouila71 says:

        You’re welcome. I like your way of life close to the nature. What a beautiful experience! And i like the sensibility with which you speak about things. I wish you a lot of beautiful meetings with wild animals. Big hugs!

        • littlesundog says:

          What a lovely comment! I have just discovered a translator on my Google browser, so I am now following your blog via my Google Reader. I look forward to getting to know you! Love and hugs to you too, my new friend!

          • mizouila71 says:

            Thanks a lot my new friend. I don’t post very often but anyway, I’ll try to translate it in english.I’m french, living in the North-East of France and i teach french litterature in a college for kids about eleven-fifteen. Have a nice evening!

          • littlesundog says:

            You don’t need to translate since the Google browser does it for us! I was really pleased to see this feature and now I will be able to read posts from bloggers all over the world. It is just amazing – some of this technology! I look forward to reading your posts… whenever you feel the passion to write!

  6. groovylove says:

    What a lovely Christmas surprise, to have your Daisy home! And a white Christmas in Oklahoma to boot? I do believe someone is smiling down upon you :-). Now if you can just stop those wild dogs from running through your yard… Love you, Merry Christmas!

    • littlesundog says:

      I love you too Baby Sister! I can’t wait to get out in the snow and do some photography today! I already had my snow shovel out making paths this morning so FD could keep his dress shoes clean!! I hope you and your little family have a wonderful holiday week!

  7. ldsrr91 says:

    The photo gave me time to pause. I needed that on this cold winter day it moved me a little off the peg I was sitting on to better ground, thanks.

    Get a gun and shoot the dogs. How do you like the new photo editor? (I think it sucks) Merrry Christmas and stay warm.


    • littlesundog says:

      Hello Don! I’m not too fond of the new photo editor, but then I don’t seem to adjust well to technical change. As for the dogs, they’ve been elusive for some time. All of the neighbors have trouble with them too, and we all sort of band together making calls when we spot them. Still, they run amok on their chasing and killing sprees… and I don’t see Daisy very often anymore. Can’t say I blame her! You have a wonderful holiday season… the snow sure is beautiful!

  8. madiebeartri says:

    I enjoyed your post. Daisy is a beautiful deer. She is lucky to have a kind and generous human friend.

    • littlesundog says:

      Thank you so much, although we feel we are the lucky ones to be her parents. She has changed life here on this little ranch!

      • madiebeartri says:

        We had a 17 year old golden retriever that died last year named Daisy. We miss her greatly. I hope the deer is around for a long time.

        • littlesundog says:

          My goodness, 17 years is a long time! Your Daisy was well cared for and loved, that is apparent! I hope that Daisy will live a long life, and flourish as both a wild creature, and still interact with humans somewhat. She has been such a delight to people who have met her or seen her nearby.

  9. Sandy Sue says:

    I was surprised at how little Daisy really is (compared to FD in the picture above).
    It’s nice when the kids come home for the holidays :)

    • littlesundog says:

      Daisy is the best kind of kid! Doesn’t expect presents or a fancy meal, just an apple and some “Fruity Pebbles” and a good petting! Daisy seems a bit short, and I’m not sure if that is genetics or because she was raised on goat replacement milk. She is quite robust, and I believe she gets plenty of food, both what we provide and natural browse. Compared to this years fawns, she’s a little taller but she’s not as tall as the adult does.

  10. louisva says:

    What a wonderful Christmas present for you. I don’t know whether to shed tears or smile. I can get emotional over stories like this ! Merry Christmas to you, FD, the doggies, and all the beasties that you have taken care of. What a great job you do!

    • littlesundog says:

      Thank you Louis… what a wonderful friend you are! I think all of us who love the animals and birds are softies about nature’s gifts. I wish you and your wife a wonderful holiday season… and your kitties too!

  11. What a heartwarming story! A gift for you on christmas day! Did you look after daisy from a young age?

    • littlesundog says:

      We found Daisy in the spring of 2011, probably only a day old and orphaned. If you’ll go to the “Search” box on the right margin of my blog and type “Daisy” you’ll pick up many stories about her. “Being a Deer Mother” was the most popular post. Daisy is known world-wide now, and has quite a group of admirers and followers! I am her mother… and so very grateful for the experience!

  12. Lynda says:

    Lori, I’m so happy that Daisy came home to see you for Christmas, and that you got your snow! We just got cold rain here. But hey, it was RAIN and we needed it badly! xo!

    • littlesundog says:

      Lynda, I hear there is more moisture coming for the next weekend! Hopefully, it will reach you too! Daisy’s arrival had both FD and I running to meet her. We hadn’t seen her for days! We miss her so much, but we are happy she is managing on her own. I hope she always remembers us… and stays near her birth home!

  13. LifeOfBun says:

    Ahh so fun that she stopped by! :D

  14. Great little Christmas story. The dogs are a worry. But Daisy has those sharp hooves and is quick!

    • littlesundog says:

      Yes, and I saw Daisy briefly again today. I tried to follow her, unsuccessfully! LOL She lost me at the top of a hill, but as I attempted to track her I found blood and body parts… that may be another post. Dog prints were all around… or that of a coyote. I couldn’t be sure. But yes, those dogs are a problem, and likely we will have to deal with them at some point. We try to make this part of the woods friendly to all critters.

  15. Kim says:

    So glad you got to see Daisy on Christmas! I thought of her this morning when I saw a deer being chased by a little dog in someone’s yard in Canton, Ohio. The deer leapt gracefully across the yard and the little terrier raced after her. It was quite the sight in the beautiful fresh snow. What were we doing in Canton, Ohio, you ask? We got stuck there on our way back up to Michigan on Wednesday. We were caught in the worst part of the storm and only drove 50 miles before deciding it was pointless and dangerous to continue. I’ve never seen such a mess on the roads! We got a hotel room for the night and drove the remaining 250 miles this morning. And we saw so many cars and semi trucks in ditches beside the road that we knew we’d made the right decision not to drive in the storm. Got home to about 6 inches of snow here in Michigan. I’m not a fan of big snowfalls, but will try to get out and take some photos tomorrow while it’s still pretty and white. Hoping to catch up with you via email soon too!

    • littlesundog says:

      My goodness! What an unexpected adventure! You made the best of it, and I think it was a wise decision to stay put instead of pushing forth. I am like you, not a fan of big snows, but here in Oklahoma it doesn’t last long. It’s more of a novelty for me now… so I enjoy it a lot more than I did in Nebraska! I never was a very good northerner! I look forward to your email! Being stuck inside with the cold temps, I am so thankful for my online friends!

  16. sccliving says:

    Thanks for sharing! I read this to my Littles and they loved your experience.

    • littlesundog says:

      Oh, I’m happy you all enjoy reading about Daisy! She is doing well, this being the first year she’s been on her own. I’m so proud of her… solely relying on her instinct to make it in the wild.

  17. Just getting caught up on my blog reading… I really love your Daisy posts. :)

    • littlesundog says:

      Daisy is special, isn’t she? I’m so happy you like to read about her. It should be interesting to see if she becomes a mama in June. There is no way to tell yet, but she’s certainly acting different. She’s more aloof these days, and more secretive. I have to watch out back a lot to catch her visiting. Used to be she came around the house looking for her people!! I would say she’s become more of a teenager lately!

  18. Mike says:

    I love all your posts but you know Daisy lights me up. Hope those dogs get shot real soon.

    • littlesundog says:

      I wish you could meet and pet Daisy… I think she would see what a gentle soul you are! As for the dogs, with the recent snows, I have been able to track more activity from them. I believe they killed something in our woods. I found evidence of dog prints with blood and “parts”… likely a rabbit or other small mammal. I know predation is common in the wild, but I won’t stand for killers here, when we do so much to protect wildlife and create a safe haven. Our neighbors have had plenty of trouble too. Many of us are on the lookout.

  19. louisva says:

    I’ll come shoot them with my (macho bluster) slingshot, lol!

  20. Pingback: As the leaf turns. Fear. « Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

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